The Loadout Competition


ok :wink: 2020202020202020


@Euler13 , so i tested it out and it’s definitely not a bug. As I stated, all NPCs stay active until you actually leave the map.

I made a video to show exactly that in a couple of different situations. @justnobody got lucky as the guard never went around the KO’d guard.

Here’s the vid if you’re interested in watching it.


That’s a brilliant test and very useful to know. Thank you for taking the time to check it out. :+1:


Not a problem at all. :grin:


Sorry to disappoint, but I decided that three wasn’t enough. I went for four shuriken kills and suit only. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

LC #3: Colorado (Bonus Run) - Suit Only 4x Shuriken Kills (10:24)


Awesome job, Euler!!!

And @Ed_ll3, you should know better being in this forum. Somebody will always do something, hence Dr Lafayette-no FE-no rng-suit only never swapping out, hence your protestor (same as Lafayette), hence eulers col run now. :grin:


What’s the next loadout?


On my way home from work, posting it in about an hour.



I know this is likely meant in jest, so don’t take this response as grouchy or in the wrong way, but considering the @ I might as well take the bait to clarify a couple of things. :wink:

While I applaud it being undertaken, the idea for the shuriken kills was just a passing thought while scrolling the loadout, not some kind of challenge. Similarly with The Protestor thing, I made and ran through it one time to show Pony a couple-of-month old way it could be done without using the items specified.

If you like one-upmanship that’s fine, with the game being about scores to an extent I guess it will inevitably play a part; that said, it’s really not my bag, or what the game’s about to me, and it doesn’t really reflect my perception of what the majority of the forum is about either.


Nah, I know you know I was just kidding around and I know you’re not totally serious either with any malcontent, but what I’m saying is, if you say something can’t be done or say it might be too hard to do that it’s not worth doing, even if you’re serious about it or not, all I’m saying is that you’ll find someone who will do it, regardless. :grin:

That was my point. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And if you watch my runs (or walks for the most part), you’ll see that it’s not my cup of tea either to care about scores and times. It’s all in fun. :blush:


Had something in mind for this, and thought it would be a breeze, but the loud distractions seemed to be attracting a lot of heat (like a bunch of Jordan’s guards dotting white when they’re out of sight and a floor away). A hangover and about two hours sleep probably hasn’t helped. :sleeping:



New loadout today? If so:


Here’s my run, did it in 1:35:



I hadn’t realised that four days had gone since the last one in Bangkok. I was fully intending to play it.

Sorry, but it looks like I just beat you, @Bending_Cheese67. :anguished: That was a great run you did, by the way.
I hope you like my cheeky run…

LC #5: Hokkaido (1:29)


@Euler13 U were suppost to post the new loadout 2 days ago… I guess we both forgot about it lol :slight_smile:
Post it the soonest u can please :wink:


I was away this weekend. I’ll post it tomorrow evening when I get back from work. It’s 22:33 at the moment and I’m up at 05:30 each morning so I’m just off to bed. Hopefully everyone is happy to wait.


Sorry about the delay, but here you go…


My submission, 5:01