The Loadout Competition


LC #7: Paris (3:45)


Nice contest ! Really like the idea.


I always thought that people who are heading to chunder would still see the BC and go to report it. You learn something useful every day. Well played, @Skaven_in_box.


Did you guys find Dalia’s route could change for no reason? @Euler13 @Skaven_in_box

Was messing around on this loadout this morning, let the cut scene fully end to keep it consistent, and still found she would sometimes head straight for the drinks rather than stop and chat with Po. Don’t think there was anything I was doing differently which would affect it. :thinking:

Well played to both of you. I had a very similar run to Skaven, except killing Dalia with just a BC in front of the toilet, but I think that’s about as good as it gets unless there’s a way to isolate Viktor in the first part of the dressing room area.


I had exactly the issue you describe. It seemed to have a lot to do with your position as she comes through the doors from the auction room. If you let the cut scene run, and depending what you do first (it could add additional time if you go into the shed to collect items), she can be just heading through the doors onto the balcony to get her drink. If she spots you in the lobby, where she chats with those two guests, then she stops and turns to talk to them. But sometimes she just stops and looks at you, pauses for a moment, then heads for her drink. I never quite discovered what was going on. In my run I left the cut scene running for a second or two, and then I found that I arrived just as she was coming out the auction room. She would stop and look at me whilst I waited for the auction staff to go into the room off the lobby, which just gave me enough time to knock him out and get to the drink before she arrived. It was fairly consistent, but if I arrived a couple of seconds earlier or later, then it seemed far more unpredictable.


I was running past, leg-shotting the snooty auction staff, dropping the BC ready for the kill, and if she stopped to chat there would be enough time overtake and poison the drink. Running out of the attic doors to see her strolling back to the auction was infuriating though. :angry:

Leaving it to chance, so my own fault I guess. I wonder what specifically causes it?


Yes, I had this issue too. Cutting the cut scene seemed to solve it most of the time. On my first couple of runs it happened all the time. I think you could tours the auction staff and while he is coming, take the coins in the bathroom then come and have the time to do a coin trick, as she drinks three times in a row. But it would be a really close timing.

I was trying to find a reason why dallia acts differently and I found this run. It beats the old one by 17 seconds. It has the “bad Dalia” too.

Also this proves that the RNG gods can be good to people. :grin:

New loadout today I believe :

Sorry for the quality but I couldn’t upload a screenshot from my xbox. :cry::rage:


Here’s something for it. @Skaven_in_box


New loadout, or nah?


New loadout, post when u want to :slight_smile:


I think we’ve had one of each of the main missions now, right?

If that’s the case, how about basic loadout for Landslide:

No insta-ducks, so I thought it might be fun to see who can get to Abiatti’s neck the fastest.


That should do it :


I think u won… It’s been 4 days, post the new one when u want to :slight_smile:


Dang! I keep forgetting about it. I’ll try to remember to do the next one. Good job, @Skaven_in_box.


And here you go :

Hokaido, no guns for no heart shooting. I wanted the lethal poison and the morgue start but I didn’t know what to give you for your second item so I thought That the shurikens are the least restrictive. Good luck !


My submission, 2:35


Can I smuggle a gun?? huehue


Yes you can but then you have to use the poison on Yamazaki and good luck with that :grin:


New loadout ? @Bending_Cheese67 @justnobody


I’m at work right now, so I can’t post a sceenshot. Here’s the loadout:

World of Tomorrow

start: Sapienza Ruins
pistol: krugermeir
gear 1: modern emetic syringe
gear 2: breaching charge