The Loadout Competition


I liked this one, though this is far from a great run of it.


Well I think it’s been four days, what have you got @Ed_ll3


Is it today for the next LC?


I’m pretty sure, the last one was posted on the 14th.


In the wake of the ET, how about a bit more love for HBoS? :slight_smile:


My score was 135,781

There is a minor edit in the middle but I swear nothing smelly happened-just got an important phone call and had to pause


In case you didn’t know, restarts are allowed in this competition.


Thanks for giving it a run @Wakanda. Double-check with @Bending_Cheese67, but I’m pretty sure it’s fine to play these LCs multiple times if you do feel like going at it again within the 4 day window. :slight_smile:



Damn ! I was on a run for the last one but didn’t have the time to finish it :cry:
Anyway :

Also well played @justnobody your run is really good !


New load out today I believe so here it goes :

It has been a while since the last Colorado loadout. I did this one pretty hard but has you can get two kills quickly, I think it is fair. Good luck !!!


Wow ! It has been ten days and nobody responded. What do you want to do @Bending_Cheese67 ?


Let’s close the competition since no one has played it for ages…