The Look of Agent 47


I liked how in Absolution the model in certain lighting would resemble his concept art. Shadowed eyes.


the best look of 47 was in the HITMAN announcement trailer, and on the edge magazine.


And if I were the director of the Hitman movie I would really really consider hiring this porn actor. He is perfect as 47. Good body, tall, natural bald and blue eyes


This is exactly the right line up of Hitman games. Nothing is missing.


Funny thing is that absolution had the best looking 47 of all time, he really looked dangerous in that game, you could just tell what kind of man he was by looking at his face. About the only thing Absolution got right though… (IMO)


Asian/Caucasian --> Lee Hong without the mustache --> Lee Hong turning Caucasian --> Asian/Caucasian --> Hot Potato Man (not here) --> Caucasian



Certainly not. 2016 47 is the best 47.


Have to dissagree, he looks way to young in this game imo, not rugged enough either. But that also tells that 47 is so good at what he does that he has never caught a scratch. I like both but the dangerous look he has in Absolution is just unbeatable.


Couldn’t agree more. Absolution model will always remain my favorite of all time.
This model now was perfect for a Hitman reboot.





And what this porn actor is going to do? Fuck his targets till death from internal bleeding?



Of course not silly. He will be agent 47 not Johnny Sins


eyes… It just look empty. not good enough to me
Far way better than anouncement trailer doe


Idk, Absolution 47 looks like he’s constantly constipated and pissed off. 2016 47 looks more detached and cold.


He looks pissed off, and that isn’t very low profile.


He’s cold and detached most of the time (the look of HITMAN 47 definitely fits his character better), and I think that’s why it becomes really fascinating to see him getting heat up, and holy moly that BURNS!

The same reason we all love his “Ah! Bitch!” moment. :grin:



I don’t like the Alpha model. Looks like a monkey man


Looks more like a crack head