The Look of Agent 47


LOL poor kid :smiley: :joy:


More like a creepy grandpa living across the road with a van that parents don’t trust. :expressionless:

If I absolutely had to pick an actor then I’d probably stick with Jason Stantham. There are quite a few very “Hitman” moments in The Mechanic.

Johnny Sins’ got a perfect body and a perfectly bald head for sure, but he’s always got that high look on his face (even when he’s serious) and it feels like he’s gonna turn around and rip his shirt off any minute…


Well I mean, when you’re a porn star you’re paid to have your shirt ripped off.


Except there already was a Beta, so no.


Alpha is beta and beta is final.


I’ve been wondering: why is the barcode in this game much less detailed than in Absolution? I’d like to see the numbers under his barcode again because after all, that’s where his name comes from.


i’m guessing they’re not showing his age because he’s supposed to look “timeless” smh


He looks like Vin Diesel in these pics. Ghastly. Not in a good way. Hitmans look in this game is one thing they have git spot on although I do love the menacing face of Blood Money and Absolution old-timery. He looked kinda Chinese with those eyebrows in C47!!


C47 47: Looked like a mentally deranged Humpty Dumpty especially in the loading screens. Jesus those eyebrows.

H2:SA 47: Looks like 47 was attempted and was made with play doh.

HC: Sleek, assassin esque, the best imo. Artwork also was excellent in portraying him.

HBM: Sleek and effective. 47 is great here.

HA: Jesus those eyebrows are back lmao but really menacing. He could be a CIA interrogator with menacing cold blue eyes.

HITMAN: Meh, average bald 30 year old on a low paying job, not menacing enough there needs to be a visible jaw line and a bit more bushiness on the eyebrows. The only time I need more bushiness on 47 is here.

That’s my summary lol.
(where I based my descriptions)


This was my second favorite look. I was disappointed when they changed it.


Have IO-I changed the look of agent 47 after that picture?


Yeah,I doubt they did.Many people say they like look from that picture more than one in final game but I don’t actually see any difference…


They have but I’m not the greatest with little details, but I can tell something is different. I think the wrinkles near his mouth are sharper, and the brow is more furrowed?

Someone mentioned once that 47 looks demonic in this game, and I agree. (but it’s not a bad face)


Its more on what angle you look at it I think. But I also think they change it just a little by making him looks just a little more younger.


Thats kinda true.
But i think this is because, his face in this game have less expressions compare to Absolution.


Jesus I just got six packs from laughing so hard at your post :joy:

Looks like 47 has a habit of plucking his eyebrows when he’s got time, and sometimes he over does it so they turn into some kind of post-modern shapes.


I think it’s exactly, or almost exactly, the same model we have nowadays. Don’t forget that the lighting and angle of the shot, like a real photo, can make 47 look different. For example, light from the sun or a lamp can accentuate 47s cheekbones and jawline. Under the right (or wrong) circumstances, it can make 47s face look better (or worse; e.g. scary, grim face).


they definitely did. they made him look constipated


47’s new face. Satisfied?


This, his face was perfect in this picture.