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The Sarajevo Six contracts
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Player Made Challenges

About The Sarajevo Six


Name: Scott Sarno
Location: Paris
Release Date: 11 March 2016


Name: Gary Lunn
Location: Sapienza
Release Date: 26 April 2016


Name: Walter Menard
Location: Marrakesh
Release Date: 31 May 2016


Name: John Stubbs
Location: Bangkok
Release Date: 16 August 2016


Name: Patrick Morgan
Location: Colorado
Release Date: 27 September 2016


Name: Taheji Koyama
Location: Hokkaido
Release Date: 31 October 2016


The Director (Scott Sarno) - PARIS


Mission Details: “Welcome to Paris, 47. The Palais de Walewska is hosting the fashion event of the year, and your target is on site to supervise CICADA security for Russian oligarch Viktor Novikov. Security is high, and the target is likely to be highly suspicious of anything out of the ordinary. He is also sure to know each member of his team personally, so be careful when approaching him. Good hunting, 47.”

The Enforcer (Gary Lunn) - SAPIENZA


Mission Details: "Welcome to Sapienza, 47. The biolab is located in the caves beneath Villa Caruso with direct access from within the mansion. Good luck.

The Extractor (Walter Menard) - MARRAKESH


Mission Details: “Welcome to Marrakesh, 47. The situation on the ground has deteriorated, and the coup is now imminent. I have recent intercepts placing the target at the abandoned school currently functioning as a staging area for the coup. Good hunting, 47.”

The Veteran (John Stubbs) - BANGKOK


Mission Details: Welcome to Bangkok, 47. The target and his wife arrived earlier today, and hotel records indicates they will remain here for at least a week. One other VIP is in residence, so expect a heightened security presence."

The Mercenary (Patrick Morgan) - COLORADO


Mission Details: “Welcome to Colorado, 47. I can confirm that the target is on site. Everything points to him expecting an assassination, and several groups of militia members appear to be on high alert. Exercise extreme caution, 47.”

The Controller (Taheiji Koyama) - HOKKAIDO


Mission Details: “Welcome to Hokkaido, 47. I have received a priority update from the client. He has learned that the Sigma operations files will be destroyed if you are spotted during the operation. Therefore you should consider acquiring them before moving on the target. But i will leave that to your discretion.”




John Stubbs “The Veteran” had a wife named Carloline.

John Stubbs also had a man named “Will” writing a book about him and his teams secrets, involving all their war crimes. John also insisted that will finishes the book… ‘no matter what.’

(Conversation between Will & John)

J: Hi Will. Thanks for flying out to meet me. How is the book going?

W: -Thank you for flying me out in such style, Mr. Stubbs. And yes. The book is going well. I’m having some challenges with the section about Riga, though. I’d like to discuss it with you.

J: Riga. Right. What is the problem?

W: -I’ve been researching the background for the operation. As we discussed, the team will go in to extract the journalist, and then move her across the border. I’m struggling a little with the narrative for that. Why would she be targeted?

J: -An extract-op. Pull her out, fly her across the border and hand her over.

W: - Ah… in the story, the team picked her up and took her across the border to Russia, and then?

J: -Handed her over to the FSB. She turned up dead in a car crash two months later.

W: -I understand. As to… motivation for the team and their members?

J: -Money, of course.

W: -Why would the FSB use a team like that instead of doing it themselves?

J: -Deniability. That way if it goes wrong they aren’t involved in an international incident. It happens all along that boarder.

W: -No political motivation, no ideology on the… team’s behalf? Just money?

J: -Yeah. A fortune. Like the other ops in the book we discussed. All the way back. It’s just the money.

W: -Ah… I think I have what I need for now. I’ll get to work and get another draft to you as soon as I can. Will that be acceptable?

J: -Absolutely, Will. Thank you. Uh… one other thing, though, uh. Finish the book. No matter what, okay?

W: -Of course, Mr. Stubbs. Of course.

J: -Thank you. I’ll leave you to it, then.


(John later has a conversation with his wife, Caroline and then soon after, calls Patrick in private.)

C: -It’s a nice place, John. And I’m really happy we could come here together. I think it will be really good. You know, for us?
-So, I was thinking, let’s hire a boat and take a tour along the river. I’d love to explore the temples over there.

J: -Sure. Whatever you want, Caroline.

C: -It’s a lovely city and this hotel is just perfect. I mean, when the music isn’t all that loud. I don’t mean I don’t like it, though. I think it’s exotic! I mean sharing a hotel with a pop star!

J: -Let me just… …I’m… I’m sorry. I’ll be right back, ok? Why don’t you check the times for that boat ride, ok?

C: -All right, John! I’ll wait for you here!


(Calls Patrick)

“Hi, Patrick! Shit, man. Where you been hiding? Yeah, I get it. Look. I gotta tell you something. I gotta warn you. It’s the other three. Gary, Scott and Walt. It’s not an accident! I don’t care what they say. We’re being targeted. And it’s in order. By rank. It’s me, then you next. Taheji? Shit, that’s right. He outranked me. I don’t know. That’s fucking weird. Why is Taheji still alive? No. There’s something else. I’m not panicking man. Remember that thing we always talked about? If the war went loud? Shit, I… shit, I think it’s happening, man. Maybe. Maybe, man. Where are you? Colorado? What? Sean fucking Rose? Shit, man! Are you nuts? Take… take care man. Maybe this is the last time we’re gonna talk… Aw shit… Thanks, I guess, is all. Thanks, man. For fucking everything.”


(John soon meets back with his wife, Caroline again.)

C: Hey, John. There you are. What’s… what’s up?

J: -It’s nothing, Carrie. I swear.

C: -I know you, John. What is it? I’m here, you can talk to me. No matter what. …Hash Team Stubbs.

J: -I can’t get in touch with Scott or the others.

C: -Scott? You mean Scott Sarno? And… what others?

J: -The ones we spent Christmas with, yeah. Up in the Hamptons.

C: -Oh? What’s wrong with them?

J: …

C: Hey, John. What’s happened?

J: -it’s… just a feeling. There’s something off about it. Three sudden accidents. They were all professionals! No way they all just had accidents like that!

C: -And you think… you’re… next? John, if you think something’s going to happen…

J: -No! I got out. Like we agreed. I put it all behind me after Riga.

C: -We’ll be ok, right? …I never asked what you did to get all this money, John. But, I… I mean, I think I know…

J: -No, Caroline. It’s behind us. All of it. Why don’t you book that river trip for tomorrow, hmm? It’ll be fun.

C: -Yeah, sure. We’ll do that. It’ll be fun.


(John calls an unknown person regarding his money)

“Err, yeah, I’m calling regarding account number 5397215BRAVO. The verification is Dropkick.
…Good. Yes. Please confirm that the contingency access to the account has been set up as we agreed? To be couriered to the address provided if I do not contact you again at the agreed time. Thank you. Good. Thank you… -Ok. She’ll be ok.”

Patrick Morgan “The Mercenary” was the only target in season 1 to carry a weapon.

(At the start of the level and due to Patrick Morgan expecting an assassination, he can be heard saying the following to the 4 of his personal bodyguards (who will follow him constantly)

Patrick Morgan: “Sweep the area, team! If that bastard is hiding anywhere here, take him down. That’s a Goddamn order!”


Walter Menard “The Extractor” in-game phone conversations:

1. “Oscar Three. I’m in position. Awaiting the go-code for Croesus. Site is secured. Confirmed. Will await developments. While I look for a working lavatory.”

2. “Oscar Three. …What? No… No, I don’t want to change my service provider. Listen to me, you shit! No! I don’t care about a free new device! Get off the phone! I’ll end you, you little bastard! Even in the middle of the fucking desert! Call me back. I double dare you!”

3. Command, Oscar Three. Authenticating 5093 Oscar. Line is secure. Thanks. Any update on Scott or Gary? No? No trace? Look. Listen to me! No, I understand. I just want to know what happened to them, okay? Thanks, I’ll check back tomorrow. Thanks for looking into this for me.


Taheji Koyama

“Sarajevo Six # 6” (The Controllers speech, when approached by 47.)
Dialogue, after completing both mission objectives for “The Controller” Contract.

Diana Burnwood: “I’ve pieced the chain of Contracts together, 47. All six targets were part of the Sigma mercenary unit, operating near the city of Sestopolje Serbia in late 1995. They learned of a convoy transporting one and a half tonnes of gold out of Belgrade, under cover of a refugee column. They attacked the convoy, and stole the gold, and called in a NATO air strike. It was reported as an accidental attack at the time. A side show in the dirty conflict. Ironically, the final target was also the client. A complicated way to commit suicide, i’m sure. I have forwarded the files you retrieved as per the Contract’s instructions. I’m not sure what that will achieve, however.”

Agent 47: “A wartime massacre in the 90’s. A fortune in gold. Then two decades later six men die. No one will notice this.”

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Piano Man Edition



I know people will hate me if i say this but i really liked Sarajevo six missions


My favorite was Controller. Loved the monologue with 47☺


Me too!
I don’t understand the hate they get, they were great! Especially the last one. I mean come on… that is the first time a target ALLOWED 47 to kill him, he even gave him a little speech before you killed him, to put the puzzle ‘Together’

i mean ok, ill admit… some were not that good, example: the veteran and Morgan with that awful glitch. But this was also the first season too. If IO does something similar to this with future episodes, im sure it would be A LOT better.

IMO the story for the Sarajevo Six was fantastic, if only there were more opportunities with them


Other users aren’t missing much, it’s basically just a small contract. You can finish them and move on, not really any replayability.


Well, yes and no…
I mean the replay ability could be there, IF io decided to add more challenges and opportunities for each of them. If they were to do that, they would have just as much replay ability as actual story targets if ya think about it…

But despite them being very limited ATM, I gotta say I actually enjoyed these contracts. The characters were interesting and I really liked the story a lot.

I hope future seasons they decide to do something a little bit similar. Just hope this time there are more opportunities and challenges


Yeah, I agree but some PC players and X1 players are getting really angry about console exclusive content. Sure, that kind of stuff sucks, but they aren’t missing much in terms of content.


True. Like I said, how they are ATM, yeah they ain’t really missing all that much. However, if they add more opportunities and challenges, maybe even have 3 or so different routes… Then I could see other users being pissed lol

But hey, at least Patrick Morgan “The mercenary” was armed! The only target in the game to be, and it’s a PS4 target only :joy: So there is that…


Don’t like this thread.

xbox player



Well at least you can see the targets in this thread haha


Absolutely! I hear what you’re saying. I’m just saying for “content” purposes. People want a variety. For instance not all levels need them, Japan “The Controller” for one. He dosent move at all, yet IMO it was the best one out of the six. It’s all personal preference is what it really comes down to.


The main issue with the Sarajevo Six is that they really didn’t feel well done for several reasons:

  • Sapienza, Marrakesh and Colorado all had issues with the assassination challenge unlocking upon launch that weren’t fixed until a patch weeks later. They just didn’t unlock at all - so it gave the sense that IO didn’t bother to even QA them and didn’t care too much about them

  • The mission briefings were missing from the game entirely until a patch released after Marrakesh. Bangkok had it’s mission briefing patched in with the Colorado patch, and Colorado and Hokkaido’s briefings are currently in-game as text only - the videos are YouTube exclusive. Again, it feels like they were an afterthought and lacked care.

  • The assassination challenges were either extremely easy (aside from Paris) and/or boring/not fun. Sapienza had you shoot a stalactite that the target walks under with no intervention, Marrakesh was a clone of a challenge from A Gilded Cage, Bangkok was killing the target mid-phone call and Colorado gave zero way to attract the target to the barn so you just had to start killing people and hope he wandered underneath so you could crush him.

  • They just weren’t overly interesting to play. There were limited ways to take out the targets, and the few ways available were usually handed to you on silver platter and I guess IO removed the save ability for them as a lazy way to increase the difficulty (which didn’t work by the way, it just made them even more tedious).

PC and Xbox One players, you’re only missing out on disappointment since it just feels like IO put little effort into making the Sarajevo Six worthwhile. The idea was good, the execution was terrible.


I do agree with a lot of what you said. You are correct. Call me crazy, but i still did like them. It’s exactly how you described though. The idea was good, but the execution…not too much. But i still managed to find enjoyment in them, in my own way…

I just hope (since season 1 is now over) maybe they can update a lot of the issues some players are having with the contracts. I really think was a good idea IO had, but there is no denying that they did/do need some work. Hopefully in future seasons (If IO decides to do something again, similar to these 6) Hopefully, they will learn from their oversights with these and improve them. They have the potential to be just as good as actual story mode targets.


I like the Sarajevo Six and their small storyline. I only wish they come to PC as a DLC maybe, and they should have weapons and fought back like the mercenary.


I think the Sarajevo Six were an idea that could have been so much better than it actually was. They give a break from the monotony of the core missions without changing locations, but other than they’re simply one-off targets who don’t interact with their environments.

I think that IOI should use the Sarajevo Six’s feedback to build a similar batch of targets for Season 2. My personal suggestions would be:

-Have NPCs have conversations that reveal the target’s background, like they do with main missions.
-Increase the difficulty in killing them. Perhaps they have bodyguards or are enforcer-type targets.
-Dangerous targets would be nice but I appreciate the coding dilemma there.
-Panic buttons and dedicated panic rooms where the targets are evacuated too. And no, I don’t mean that “safe room” that Novikov and Margolis are taken to, three of its four walls were made out of glass! I mean a secure location inaccessible with a sniper rifle and perhaps reinforced against explosives.
-Targets who can tell when 47 is following them (use the mechanic from The Fixer elusive target).
-Targets who interact more with their environments, rather than simply walking around and having one-way conversations with NPCs around them. Random paths and easter eggs would be a good idea.
-Targets who flee the mission idea in certain circumstances (i.e. their bodyguards are all dead).

Some of those are applicable to main mission targets too.


I think I played each one a couple of times then never touched them. I need to see what the controller does if you don’t talk to him. So far I have only spoke to him then let him follow me. I will have to take him into the sauna next time and lock him in :grinning:.


I wonder if that’s possible!!? :open_mouth:

Poor bastard can hardly breath now so as it is lmao


@Travis_IOI @Morten_IOI @Torbjorn_IOI

Do you guys plan on adding the briefing videos to “The Mercenary” & “The Controller” contracts as well?

And if so, when can we expect to see them, or better yet, will they be added on the disc???

-Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, they will get added. I fully expect them to be there before disc release.


Oh okay, awesome! I was just wondering. Thank you for the quick response, appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face: