The Sarajevo Six - MEGA THREAD


I think it’s because people like myself expected them to actually be unique targets with their own set of new opportunities almost like bonus missions we got in sapienza and Marrakech. What we got was something we could’ve just made ourselves in contracts. I have a soft spot for them but i wish they tried harder. Especially since it was a interesting side story. That’s my opinion at least.


Oh yeah, absolutely. I see what you are saying and I totally agree. I too originally thought they would be, how you described, the “bonus missions” but they really were like contracts any of us could have made. But I just don’t know, I still enjoyed them a lot.

There is just something about them. It’s like how someone else mentioned here before. The idea was fantastic, but the execution, not so much. I did however really enjoy the story of them, that was very nicely done IMO.

But as I said way back, this was the first time IO has attempted something like this. Something new and fresh that I very much enjoyed. I really believe if they decide to do something like this again in future seasons, it will be a heck of a lot better. This was just like a ‘rough draft’ if you will. I’m sure if they attempt it again it would be a lot more interacting like the actual story missions, or at least I would hope so.


This may sound cyncial but I don’t think they made the Sarajevo Six because they wanted to do it. Otherwise it would’ve be available to all platform and not just the PS4.

To me it looks more like someone made a deal with Sony for some exclusive content and IO had to come up with something. It’s obvious that the Sarajevo Six mission weren’t their main priority, considering that most of them are considered to be lackluster by the people who played them.

In a perfect world they would’ve had enough time and resources to make all of them memorable. But instead they had to set priorities and great main missions are more important that a bunch of exclusive content stuff that may have been forced upon them.


Sadly you are probably 100% correct :sweat_smile:

That being said, I still found them quite enjoyable and I’m sure some other ps4 owners thinks so as well. Could they have been better? No freaking question!!
But they weren’t terrible, I mean more targets anyway :laughing: At least it’s something…

I enjoyed what they brought to the table.
(Story wise, anyways)

Not to mention “The Controller” was the very first target in the series to WILLINGLY put a contract out on himself. And Patrick Morgan was the only target in this Hitman game to actually be armed! Surely those two things gotta count for something lol


They do… I’ve had crap luck with this as of late. Arkham Knight and Hitman are the only games I’ve enjoyed in the past couple of years (being an adult fucking sucks) and as an Xbox player I’ve gotten shafted with exclusives. I rather some of us get it than none of us but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish I had a chance to dislike them.


Yeah I’ll tell ya, before Hitman was even released I remember IO saying PS4 users would get 6 additional contracts. Before I heard this I had full intentions on buying an Xbox1 because I have a 360 and I wanted to upgrade. But I’ll tell ya man, I’m glad I waited because once I heard only PS4 users only would get these, I was like, welp… Looks like I’m getting a PS4 :joy: I didn’t want to miss out on ANYTHING, regardless if some people don’t find these 6 contracts enjoyable. I still liked them and still go back to replay them.


I would’ve still gotten the xbox. Ps controllers are so uncomfortable to me. Like it was made for skinny aliens haha. The Xbox game pad is more ergonomic.


Hey I’m not an alien!! :alien:

Haha but yeah I see what you’re saying, I was so used to Xbox controller, it took me a while to get used to the PS4 one


Sorry for the stupid question but I’ve just obtained the “upgrade pack” and playing Hitman on my PS4

How do I get information or know about these targets? Is it in the menu?


I’m not a ps4 player but apparently briefings haven’t been implemented for a few of them and they should be on the destinations tab.


Yup, just like @Jose_Hernandez mentioned.
They changed it now, they used to have their own separate tab. Now, you can find them Individually in each location tab.

And yes @Jose_Hernandez “The Controller” and “The Mercenary” have yet to have their video briefings like all the previous ones. However, I got confirmation from Travis at IO that they will definitely be coming before disc release :slightly_smiling_face:


Didn’t see a dedicated thread for completed runs just like the elusive targets or speedrunning completed thread, so I thought I’d make a thread dedicated to completed runs for SS.

Post yours, ps4 playas.

The Mercenary - SA/SO/Accident: Car (1:52)

The Director - SA/SO/Accident: Pull (5:12)


The Veteran - Cocunut (the ducky made it fall instead of blowing the FE) - 0:48



That’s when I like FE kills. When you have to shoot it. Cuz at least there’s a chance to get spotted. And you nearly did after it blew up. And you didn’t forget to retrieve your suit. Bonus points there.


The Controller, SA/SO


Episode 2 of The Running Man. Episodes 3&4 are out. Holiday Hoarders and world of tomorrow.


Ya, you could use a bomb to drop the coconuts. Don’t need to shoot them. I found out by accident. Lol.


“I want you to kill me”


goes to stab

"PLEASE, NO! D-hyuuuuugh :dizzy_face: "



I did the same thing with the Wrench but I forgot to close the door behind me. Then, some lady was like “STOP THROWING STUFF ARSEHOLE”