The Sarajevo Six - MEGA THREAD


Anybody have some cool screenshots of
The Sarajevo Six?

I’d like to add more to the photo gallery in this threads O.P.

Can be killshots, Funny kills, Sniper shots, melee kills, Explosions, or just plain shots of any of the 6…

Thanks guys!

I know we have the screenshot thread, but I’d like to add some more just for the Sarajevo Six, solely for this thread.

Get creative! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Found a little collection of photos I had saved of Walter Menard. Aka; The Extractor


Combat Knife

Neck Snap

@Vinnie_Sinistra I know you’re PS4 as well. Do you have any cool looking screenshots of any of the Sarajevo Six targets to share in this thread, perhaps? :grinning:


Still annoyed we don’t get these on PC.


You’re not really missing much. They’re really just permanent elusive targets with a loose story tying them together.

Though really it’s the Sarajevo Seven now - Scott Sarno had his entire route completely changed a few patches ago now (he’s moved from the basement to the top floor) that it’s basically an entire new contract.


He still makes his way down to the basement though.


Heh. Probably. I’ll have to go digging for them.


Ya, he starts in the attic and makes his way down to the basement security room and then back again. Before he would stop in the security room and just stand there. The patch helped with preventing that permanent stoppage in the basement.


Really? Hmm… for as long as I played those contracts, I don’t ever remember Sarno being “stuck” in the security room. He even went on stage with Kurt and Novikov. Although with that, I’m not certain if he still does…


Yup, once he gets there, he does one quick walk around in the security room then walk to where the scissors are on the table and faces the screens. His body guard actually leaves once he enters the security room and never comes back. But since one of the patches, now his guard stands in the room with him and waits for him until they make their way back upstairs the exact same route he came down.

Maybe you don’t remember cuz you probably killed him before he did his entire cycle.


Possibly… but I remember him going on stage as well… he waits near where Kurt would, when Novikov goes on.


I’ve only triggered that by subduing Sato and then waiting for Novikov to take the stage.

Before I figured out how to do it, I cheated on the “Lights Out on a Promising Career” challenge by subduing him in the basement and dragging him to the stage, just so I could set off explosives I had planted on the winch to cause the lights to kill him.


Interesting. The mixtape in Carrington’s room (window) does work to lure The Veteran up for a secluded kill. Since the Veteran has a randomised starting route you have to reload until he starts the right way, but by doing this you can also actually kill him in his room (although it requires AI manipulation and distractions)


That’s awesome, great find!
Will have to experiment with that later…

I was playing “The Controller” got a headshot with the ICA19 probably 5 seconds into the mission, at the Ninja starting location lol


To lure him up and get a fibre wire kill you must start at the suite with fibre wire and mixtape then smuggle scramblers into the shore. Quickly grab the scramblers and run to carringtons room to unlock the door and subdue her. Check the map to make sure the Veteran is going through the restaurant (he does this about 1 in 5 times) and place the mixtape on the balcony. Activate the mixtape just as he comes underneath and he should come up to Carrington’s room, but he moves at a fast pace so do whatever you want to do quickly. If you want to delay him a bit, trigger a fire alarm while he is inside (but not exiting) the restaurant.


Will do man, I’ll give it a try :slightly_smiling_face:


This is one of my favorite methods to lure a target from far away. This is what I did with the paparazzo so that I could push him off the balcony. And this is what I did to Dr. Pavel (The Surgeons) so I could get him to the morgue area.

Oh and that’s what I did with ALL 3 targets in your “you only die twice” contract. Lured 2 of them from downstairs to upstairs balconies and pushed them off. Lol.

It’s great to do this to move them up or down floors. And being one of my favorite methods, I didn’t think to do this on the veteran.

Since @AGENT4T7 doesn’t make vids, I’ll try and do one. Unless @Silverballer you wanna go for it. Wanna see what happens.


I think I’ll do it, if you don’t mind. Could take a while though (like, weeks).

Or it could happen now. Depends.


We’ll I’ll go for it too right now but I won’t post anything since you found it, and I’ll give you the honours. :wink:


Go ahead. I’m gonna do a fall kill, just to show off the method.