The Sarajevo Six - MEGA THREAD


Same here. Haha. I still wanna try it out myself.


Sorry @D1NGdong, video won’t be up for a good few weeks. I will do it though.


No worries. It’s all good!!


I just did it. His wife follows. But a little behind.

More than enough time to push or wire!!


His wife will turn around once he dies.


Yup. As I was walking out, she was heading back down the stairs.

I seriously can’t believe I didn’t think of this on this target before when it’s one of my favorite luring methods for a push. Lol

Nice job thinking of it!!!


@AGENT4T7, have you seen @JDMHatch_G the vet SS fibre wire video? Totally aweome!!


I may have, not sure… you have the video by chance?

And @Silverballer I did it!!!

I honestly never knew it was possible (for the Veteran) so thanks for sharing that.

And finally!!

Then on the way out (since I now knew it was possible) I shot his wife, just for the hell of it :joy:



Thanks @JDMHatch_G gonna watch it now :smiley:


@JDMHatch_G Brilliant man, just brilliant!! :dizzy_face:

Have I thought of doing this when I did my SA/SO Fiberwire run on the target, it would have saved me a TON of time lol I went and subdued a ton of people for nothing haha

very impressive dude!


Haha. I just lured him up to the atrium rooftop and pushed him through the open glass panel that’s missing. LMAO!!!


Thanks a lot, appreciate it!


Haha @Silverballer I keep testing this method out now :laughing:

Got him with the machete now!



Ya, this strat will do any weapon. Lolol.


I know, I’m just having fun with using any weapon now (concealable or not) and maintaining SA :hugs:

Plus, I’m in the mood to get some screenshots of him using different weapons lol


Damn, dude. Make some videos. Don’t have the patience to do all of them myself but would love to see them. You have a ps4 that does all the work. I can make a video faster than you can post a pic. There’s actually more work for pics than videos. Lol.


I actually don’t mind man. I like taking screenshots. I’m just not into making videos. As easy as it may be, it’s just not my cup of tea is all lol

I like to think of myself as more of a photographer than a “film maker” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha. Fair enough.



And then…