The Sarajevo Six - MEGA THREAD


Haha awesome!! Good one!


I even got him in 47’s suite. But I got wallhacked. Lol.
Didn’t bother trying again. Too tired.

But I got this off of him in the restaurant: that’s for sending his food back. The kitchen called the ICA. (1:27)


Hahaha loved the “slow walk” past the target on your way to the exit :sunglasses::ok_hand:

Some Scott Sarno

And Patrick Morgan (Sniper Kill)


I’m gonna do a veteran machete run now, posting soon :wink:


@D1NGdong That trick with the duck was really nice, i did a machete run using it:

I credited you in the description.



Nice work on Sarno. LOVE these pics.
Have you seen my fiber wire run on it?
Professional approach. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I know you’ll enjoy how I do it.


And No I don’t think I did.

Just got done watching it. Very good use of the distraction device… and the kill… :relieved::ok_hand:

I think I saw a video of yours a while back where you put a proximity where you put the device. That was pretty cool also.


The Carrington Room lure was my find :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry m8, i thought it was @D1NGdong’s


But the “floor” audio lure is my idea. You just got that from me and utilized in an original spot. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

But really, I don’t care to be credited. Give it all to silverballer, @Bending_Cheese67. I think we all take each other’s ideas here and there and use it. That’s how we all get better and do a lot of different and cool things. It opens up a box of creativity and fun.

It just came to me, but, I’m surprised the guy sleeping didn’t find the body KO’d beside him when the duck blew up. I just thought about that. How did I get SA? :flushed:


I credited both of you :wink:


Actually, you can remove me. It was his spot. As I said, we all use each other’s ideas. It’s no big deal to me. :blush:


Sometimes npc’s just stay stopped crying when they hear an explosion :wink:
And it would be unfair if i didn’t credited both of you, since the distraction is from you and the place is from silverballer :wink:


I just tested it. The explosion is very quiet and doesn’t wake the guy up because it’s behind that ‘room separator’.

Tested again by putting a duck in front of that separator and the guy woke up as the explosion was MUCH louder. The window + the separator did absorb the explosion quite a bit.
I got lucky. I didn’t even think of that when I put the lady beside him. Haha.


Drown in 47’s suite w/explosive exit


Haha!! That ending!!


I was wondering what you meant by explosive exit… worth the wait! :joy::+1:


Gary Lunn “The Enforcer”
(Sniper, Toilet and Explosive Duck kills)


Machete Kill on "The Enforcer"
From the top of the ‘Sapienza Ruins’


Killing Lunn with the very virus he was sent to protect :sunglasses: