The Susumu Obsession (Escalation - 16.02.2017)


its cool :slight_smile:

level 5 here it’s


Pretty easy and pleasant, but trying to get people to move away from the door to kitchen with ducksplosion was slowly driving memad. That’s gotta be the 1st escalation I go for top place on all levels.


That was a fun Escalation. Really nice to play (all levels; in fact I wish I hadn’t rushed through the early ones now).

Props to whoever designed it. :slight_smile:


Is it just me, or the last 3 escalations were gr8???


The 7 second pistol timer was terrible


@ShadowClient I forgot about that…


I liked the pistol timer until the last level.


I whizzed through them after seeing the thread so these are probably a bit rough round the edges, but here’s what I had for the last two:

Level 4

Level 5


Really? Starting in a kitchen? I was always starting in 47’s suite for an instant Dexter kill and best part of this escalation was throwing Dexter’s cowboy bust at one of cooks while shooting 2nd.


Quick and fun escalation.

Would have been more fun if I hadn’t spent the last week completing Professional Mode - without the Pro Mode complications I just sailed through it with no issues. Still enjoyed it though.


Fun and easy. Got my Hokkaido Escalated.


Pistol kill:

Pistol kill and neck snap:

Pistol kill and neck snap:

Pistol kill and neck snap (again :joy:):

Pistol kill, neck snap and fugu fish poison kill:

A fun little escalation, i think speedrunners will like this one :smiley:.


That sounds long, but I can see why it would appeal. What’s wrong with a kitchen start though? :smile:


Is 1:28 on level 5 using 47 suite, shooting Dexter immediately, blowing up duck, hacking my way into Dexter room and then into kitchen, knocking one cook and shooting 2nd, taking poison repositioning one body, poisoning food, opening window and escaping really that long?


I guess not!


Think i rekt this with the help of people in my stream. Twitch is acting up with the upload but it should be up soon




Just my luck to post my run immediately after the Hitman legends @Fortheseven and @fkgfw, but I’m pleased with it.

I really enjoyed this one. Thanks, @IoInteractive. :+1:

The Susumu Obsession Level 5 (1:29)

@Ed_ll3: You’re not going to believe that I beat your score by 3 points! Sorry. :worried:


There’s only room for one sheriff in this town Kappa.