The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


low quality meme



Yet after all my complains. We still don’t have that pistol from the Beta. Not the briefcase that they show around at the end of every trailer or commercial. A gun that we already had in a BETA!


It’s just a meme bro


And the Blackballer is just a gun. But for me its more than that


I know, it’s a slightly different looking gun.


nonsense, those small details like the fleur de lis make a big difference


I’m sure it’ll make head-shotting NPC’s easier /s


by that logic, i guess we don’t need 47’s red tie since it won’t help us with the game either


totally, he doesn’t even need clothes, it’s all aesthetics


BOIII this is lit :fire:


Yea but that’s sort of the problem. The rest of the forum just doesn’t care enough.



As much as I think that @badeaguard is exaggerating a bit… I do agree with him, that I have no idea why they haven’t released it yet, considering it was in the beta. They may just keep it as an ultimate carrot on a stick.


on elusive target #20

@agent4t7 be like

#repost #iwantfreelikes


Sorry for exaggerating. But it bugs me a lot that they even keep showing it in the challenges wallpaper

@iSsueS LOL good one. And when the people talk about the Silverballer I guess you can put there a mass shooting


elusive targets


Nice to see good memes here.



Everyone loves a good acapella. Here’s a bad one