The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


This is awesome :smiley: I tip my hat.


This is a godlike masterpiece.


This one is spectacular @introvert_. Nice… IOI needs to notice this.


I like to think IOI have better things to do with their time, but then again, they did make Professional Difficulty.


I love you really Travis


[quote=“introvert_, post:210, topic:4388, full:true”]I love you really Travis

The feeling’s not mutual :kissing_heart:


certified dank content


Dalia falls into the space/time continuum


Hahahah wtf was that. Is that what death looks like? Seems kind of cool.


The Hitting continues


When I fail an ET, I see the shocked reflection of my face

How the failscreen should look like :arrow_down:

P.S. the shitty watermark is intentional



Solid, solid gold. She must fall better when there is no running before you push her. :smiley:



47-Meatking Mashup Cosplay? :slight_smile:



This was posted literally 2 posts above lol


Holy shit did not see haha, sorry, I’ll delete it.



English is the international language
Why speak anything else?

All other countries triggered


that is so true lol… the brits have forced everyone to speak english thanks to their colonization of half the world lmao

EDIT: i updated the OP to show the new meme of the month.