The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


Meme of the Month. What can I say folks, I’m flattered. I can now die happy.


made another acapella. Its worse then the first one.


I get goosebumps of this. So much atmosphere.

This should be implemented in the game.

While hearing this I couldn’t think of anything but dying penguins.



When dudes on the Forum start posting bad Acapellas

PS Forgot to wipe the Old text on top


Did you just assume my gender?


Anyone else unlock the green rubber duck yet? Gives you unlimited everything (including green rubber ducks) Only super stealthy assassins get it.


Surely a green duck should be an Emetic Rubber Duck?? :slight_smile:


It gives you unlimited emetics.


The level will look something like this


Who the fuck is this fuckboy stealing my name. I’ll claim his ass!




@introvert_ that was just a generalization.:wink:
Wait, are you female??:grin:


@introvert_ go do me a favor and make another one of these shitty acapellas :wink:


lel i crie evertiem


Found on reddit (
from the guy who claimed to found it in IGN but I cannot found the source.
Just… figure it out yourself.


‘Lucky moments’? This was skill, not luck.


well you can’t spell “ignorant” without “IGN” huehuehuehuehuehue


If you’re thinking of starting a youtube account, make sure your first video is better than this