The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


You missed the part where they think 47’s name is ‘Hitman’.


I said it quite clearly into the mic, didn’t you hear?




Every small hitman channel right now:


Every challenge has been done

the achievements bar hasn’t been filled


Escalations aren’t a challenge, they’re a chore
also, shut up /s


Expand 47


Not everything as been done, they’re still releasing ETs and @pagan, @Fortheseven etc. still make quality contracts :wink:




##MEME OF THE MONTH @introvert_


Another underrated master piece by the same artist:


When you hit the wrong key and chrome doesn’t autofill ‘’ for you.


Mirrored video game covers are usually hilarious, this is not the best one but still good. :^)


The second one looks like the walk cycle of 47 in BM :smile:


First one reminds me of this:


Does anyone have the “Silent Assassin Rating” meme/gif from Agent 47? (The Movie)
It’s from the chopper scene when it crashes into the building, just think it’s gas XD


I like the double briefcase suit how the tie tucks into the shirt like that. It almost looks like he has a red shirt under his white shirt and his white shirt is ripping open.


The second one looks like 47 is finally going on vacation.