The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


Mfw I’m done with the last level of The Mandelbulb Requiem escalation and I set off a mine on the way out.



I love the casual morph slide he does before he starts walking away!


Okay guys we need to make Training Director Soda the official Hitman meme of the year


Y u do dis furdysevn? I cri evrytiem :*


When you confuse the term “take a seat”


i found this dank maymay that ampburner made


Reminds me of this:


I’m fine it’s just fire, oh wait I’m dead :laughing:.


someone shop 47’s face onto this


you can’t fool me wei shen


This game is great really hope they make a worthy sequel. That made me want to replay it :wink:

Anyway seems like this belong there…

Personally not a huge fan of the guy, some of his stuff is funny though (especially his second life videos from back in the days) but here he completely misses the mark, I couldn’t make it past the first 30 seconds.

And when I read “playing the Hitman Demo”, I felt like slapping him.


Genius !(20 characters)


This legitimately made me crack up out loud! Loved sleeping dawgs!


Still made me laugh I must be easily pleased :yum:.


Homemade :wink:




moar absolution bashing


It’s all up to you though