The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


@erictheaussie be like


Can we have a little meme competition using this image? I will think of a good prize…



That’s actually awesome…


I think I won here




When you get SA rating.



this comes in handy every once in a while


Given the last, well, season, this feels like it’s become a meme already.




I like both the Summer Suit and the Italian Suit and I’ll place the BM Suit in place of the Absolution one just for the awesome exagerated physics it has.


i like my normal suit, whether it’s the default, the absolution one or the BM one


You’re back.

Were you suspended? Or what?


i just decided to quit HMForum until i bought the game. i didn’t really feel like discussing a game i didn’t have. it took me a while before i could buy HITMAN, because i didn’t have a good PC that could run it.

i’m bad at the game lol



Well uh, welcome back I guess :smiley:


I live this, saw it on discord. Absolutely hilarious! Good job buddy.


I like all the outfits myself the new tactical gear, BM and absolution suits are my favourite though.