The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


This is to stupid not to like…here take your damn like.


Oh goddamnit. As much as I want to hate it…I just can’t. Here. Heart for you.


Do you think God stays in heaven because he fears what he has created?




What a way to start 2018…




If this is a loss meme I’m not going to be happy :rage:


It’s made badly, I know. Very sorry.


Lmao. But I still did this better. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


i dont get it…

20 Questionmarks


O-T? wut

20 missing wututut


I haven’t seen yours back then, I’m very sorry! Yours is so much better :sweat_smile:




Screenshot of new gear for season 2 LEAKED!


Finally! They are so delicious,47 should definitely try them as well! Actually,while we are at it,I’m going to fix me some Tide Pod Pizza. Want a slice?


what is the joke with the tide pod? I keep seeing people say to eat them. Where is that from?


I think some kids ate them or something


It’s basically an HD remaster of the old Drinking Bleach meme


a part of me thought that was the case-but I didn’t know if I was over thinking it.


2016: Drinking bleach
2017: Eating Xanax
2018: Eating Tide PODS
Gotta love these quality memes.