The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread



20 chars aaaaaaaa


What is bad exactly?


black suit & red tie > level specific disguises


Don’t you dare insult the Prologue tactleneck.


That is one of my favourite outfits I would love to be able to wear that on the Colorado map I see no reason why not when it is basically the same as the tactical gear minus gloves and a jacket.


the tactleneck is the exception


When you’re @AGENT4T7 and you haven’t played Hitman in 10 mins


LMFAO!! :joy::joy::joy:

Try 5 minutes lol


Does anybody have the picture where it says: he took my nuts i took his life? :smiley: would be awesome!


In honor of the default suit with gloves:


Damn you guys getting suits early :sob:.


i missed 10 elusive targets FUCK


Damn you’re going to have to wait a while to get those suits :confounded:.


Does he wear a watch in the signature with gloves? It’s the best bit of that wallpaper


He does.

But it’s really hard to see :sweat_smile:. I wish he wore a watch with the Italian suit/Casual suit like he does in the prologue, it looks badass.


Dang it, they shoulda had it so the watch would constantly be shown and move the sleeve of the jacket up a bit… But ech maybe that looked awkward or something


I searched the thread and didn’t find the following meme but I think it is pretty funny. :joy: Found it while browsing - I do not own anything bla bla bla “insert standard copyright crap”.


:joy: this is good reminds me of the masseur disguise in gilded cage. A guard says hey Connie digging the shaved head look or something similar. So he obviously knows the guy but still thinks you’re him :sweat_smile:.



site is back. YAY

when you are doing elusive #13 but you enter the restaurant disguised as a cook instead of a waiter so the guards gun you down without asking you to leave the area beforehand and you die.