The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread


when you have to subdue an NPC in absolution or HITMAN


Mfw the forum comes back up



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When the Post funny pictures/videos thread is locked.


Power of Ducks on Gold Chain.





I found it in the net.







“Only on Playstation”

If HITMAN was a PS-exclusive I’d kill myself.


He is the perfect assassin.


controller aiming


Hahahaha! :joy:

I used to be like that in the very beginning (PS4)
In the spur of the moment, when I got caught and freaked out, I wanted to quickly take out the target and run, but ended up emptying the clip, only to miss ever single shot :laughing:

Gotta say though, I have gotten used to it over the months and I’m definitely better now lol just takes getting used to. On consoles I think, anyway.



I have learnt to just double tap the body, I don’t bother going for headshots unless the target is standing still. I just can’t get good with this aiming system.


switch to PC and you can use superior equipment for aiming: The mouse and keyboard!

ascend my brothers!


They made Tomb Raider Xbox Exclusive for a year, so watch it :wink: