The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread




When you ask IOI about the Blackballer


While we’re on the topic of stock photo related memes


Well deal with it

when exit goes wrong


Dark humor. The best humor


But then, we never had the occasion to hear him say this. Why? Why do they keep taking stuff away shown in the trailers



Found in a local GAME


This hits close to home.





Travis puts up with a lot of shit from this forum. What he said in the documentary reminds me that he must have the patience of a god to put up with all the comments.




Can’t believe you didn’t add when are we getting the briefcase!


‘That travis guy looks about 13 on his twitter page. Highly doubt he’d be able to do anything.’


some memes ended up in this abomination


i think i will do a “meme of the month”

the most liked post from last month will be edited into the OP.


Travis part was amazing :joy:
I ran out of likes for today :heart: btw which video editor do you use?


Hitfilm 4 express
It’s free and does everything I want it to do