Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


The Netherlands :wink:


Im from Belgium (the top part 50% speaks dutch and the bottom50% speaks french)


Netherlands too!


Well, I am partly dutch and partly french, so I kind of speak both languages :joy:


Never heard schildpad? I am German🤔


Well, schildpad and Schildkröte has something familiar with each other…


Ok, its some sort of material and it’s actually called schildpatt, according to a quick google search,
Well I learned something :smiley:


The German name for turtle is a bit strange. Schildkröte translated into English means Shieldtoad.

Because this:

And this:

Are basically the same thing, right?:sweat_smile:


Lets get back ontopic.

I found out today that when you fire the canon at golfing Caruso the grass changes after impact.


And also reply to @BlackBaller

but neither the golf ball bomb or the cannon can manage to make the club bag move (=


Finnish: Kilpikonna:/


Translated to English:
kilpi = shield
konna = villain


Konna: Frog
20 characters


But that’s not a funny translation. :^(


Today I learned guards, if shocked, would drop guns they were putting away on the ground.

I was playing this Sapienza contract (1-03-8323284-73). One of the targets was one of the guards in the attic. Since his non target buddy was walking in front of him, I dropped my gun in their path. It worked, the non target guard was delayed, allowing my target to fall into my electric trap. When the non target guard saw the body, he dropped the Blackballer on the floor and I quickly scooped it up, concealed it and ran out of town to blow up the last target.


Is it just me or is Finnish the most hardcore language ever? :slight_smile:


20 characters


If you stick an emetic syringe into the delivery man outside Villa Caruso, he’ll go puke into the basement toilet.


So, after playing some of Colorado on Pro difficulty, I felt like I needed a break from the new Hitman game, and I thought I’d finally work on completing Hitman 2 from the HD Trilogy on the Xbox 360. I played Hitman 2 on the original Xbox and PC, 100% completed the game on both consoles, and I wanted to do the same for the 360 version. But one thing always bothered me about collecting all the weapons in Hitman 2, one thing that always made me feel like I was leaving the game incomplete…I could never find this item. I never knew what it was, how to obtain it, and I felt like I was 99% done with my favorite game because of it. Finally, I decided to look it up since I wasn’t making any progress with it, and was curious to learn more about it.

From what I’ve heard, it turns out that it’s a slot for the rosary you get from Father Vittorio at the end of the game. It was meant to work like the fiber wire; however, due to censorship it was removed. Now that I look at the slot, I can kind of see the outline, and it definitely seems like it was for the rosary. I knew the game was censored quite a bit, but I hadn’t heard about this. Anyway, I thought it was worth posting here.


Yeah I remember this!

Man… To this day I wish they would have kept it. I would have loved to use the rosary on some targets. :smiling_imp:
I wonder if they would of had it look the same as how it is shown at the end of the game.
(I’d assume so)