Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Yeah, I can’t stand censorship. I get why people might be offended by it, but it is a game about killing people in extremely violent ways, with everything from an fire ax to garrote wire. You’d think they’d be more offended by that than the rosary’s inclusion but…nope.


I just found out today… that I’m probably never getting the Winter Suit. :frowning:
(At least I bought this game during Black Friday Sale) :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t see how a rosary can be censored. What’s so brutal about it?


Yeah, especially since in the “attack of the saints” trailer for Absolution, they show 47 using a rosary on one of them, and another even gets 47 a hold in one, where he then bashed his head back into her face lol


How did you get there with only your suit?


Well be prepared for the next HITMAN games. I’m not seeing it so good with all the PC thing


Has anyone tried to do the Opportunities but NOT kill the targets after or deliberately ruin the process of it?

Like when Dalia meets Helmut 47, if you don’t sit down, she’ll start scolding you and eventually tells you to f- off and resumes her routine afterwards. Plus, if you stand too close when that happens, she’ll FINALLY notice that you’re not the real Helmut.


hmm… Really? I never tried that. What does she say exactly? Is it some special dialogue, or does it just say ‘suspicious’ and she runs away?

I’ll have to check that out next time I boot up the game.


She’ll say like “Close, but no cigar” then she calls her guards and it’ll go into Target Lockdown mode. You need to be up in her face btw. By that, I mean, shove her a bit and crouch in front of her.


It wasn’t so much that it was brutal, but that it offended religious people as a religious symbol was being used as a weapon. That was the reason for its removal. I’m just saying that, in my opinion, it’s a pretty strange thing to get angry about in a game all about killing, which also goes against religious doctrine and is a much more serious offense than what is used to kill someone. It’s like the people who get mad at video games for including depictions of sex, but then completely ignore the fact that innocent people get murdered every five minutes in order to beat the game. What do I know though?

Yeah, it’s definitely disappointing to see the lack of darkness in the new game. This one feels a bit more on track with what Hitman should be, compared to Absolution, but there are still a ton of features from the old games that I believe would make this new game so much better. Readying your fiber wire, actually holding the trigger to hack people with a fire ax or katana, and plate/crate carrying in order to smuggle weapons, serve a target a poisoned drink, or just blend into a disguise better. Even the darker, more serious tone of the older games with just a hint of humor here and there felt right, but they will never be added in because people are laughably triggered by a work of fiction.


Hm… I honestly never knew that, that’s cool. I’m definitely gonna give that a try next time I play.

I always wondered how she never recognized 47. Especially since she supposedly knew Helmut, personally lol I know they look a lot alike but come on.

Maybe she remembered to put her contact lenses in that day :smile:


I think it’s more the direction the current development team want to go, rather than fears of not being “PC.” Absolution had the same style of humour.


Sorry, there was a mistake on my part. You need to do something Suspicious in front of her. So, for quick results, just poison her champagne in her private room.

To be fair, it’s probably not unique given that if you do anything suspicious in any disguise, she’ll say the same thing.


Ah, too bad. I was hoping it would have more unique dialogue. I’ll still check it out, I’m curious.


You have to move into the recording studio across the atrium, around to the pipe at the back (careful for patrollers), climb up the pipe then move around the studio using cover until you reach the staircase on the other side, go up the staircase, get rid of Dexy (poison her glass), get the hard drive and put it in the computer (make sure Cross is upstairs)


47’s face is against her loins and she says: "Close, but no cigar."
Priceless. :wink:


I just figured out that Car alarms can be used as a distraction. Shoot it to set the alarm off!

…but I also found out that any dead or unconscious body that touches a car can set the alarm off.


After one year, I just discovered Dr. Lafayette full routine… I thought he never went into the mansion :neutral_face:


25 minutes :sweat_smile:


25 minutes? Damn! You could finish the entire game in that time :joy: