Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


For a second, I thought there were two 47’s in that picture. :joy:


I was just watching the E3 trailer and I discovered that I made a big fault looking at it. After the photographer took photo’s, you see air coming out of his mouth. Till this day I always thought 47 drowned him in a inside pool, but he appears to be smoking. I only found out about it because he’s holding a cigarette in his right hand. He is sitting in a chair and 47 is standing behind him. That explains why 47 shoots him, always thought it was weird to show two kills of the same target.


The headline of this newspaper in Bangkok says something about a coup in a southern country.
Also, there’s a radio that you can either pick up or turn on at Dexy’s room. It’s unconcealable.


Me too! Now it makes sense. :slight_smile:
What’s that “catch” animation at the end after 47 shoots him? Is it the empty case?


There’s one of these in Sheikh Al-Ghazali’s room as well.


That’s the bullet case (I think it’s called) that flies out of the gun after you shoot.


Found something else out today. I always thought it was possible but now I can confirm it. In Contract: Deadly cargo you can escape in the chopper Boris ordered from the police. You only have to wait for it to arrive and you can escape.


I don’t know if it’s already been posted but apparently we can summon a fucking Kraken! Need to make this a opportunity for season 2!


You know the doors in the Sapienza kitchen? You can shoot the glass out so you can throw stuff through it. It doesn’t work with a Krug though, use a Silverballer.


There is a trophy for that, how can you miss it :laughing:


Never much cared for trophies/ achievements so I haven’t paid much attention. :slight_smile:


Turns out that you can use the swamps in the Old Orchard zone to dispose of bodies and if you push a KO target, it counts as a falling accident.


This isn’t really about Hitman, but I thought it was worth mentioning purely because it is a weird coincidenence.

In the Gerry Anderson programme, Thunderbirds - now currently running as a CGI TV show by Weta Workshop called Thunderbirds are Go - International Rescue is a secret organisation that uses their extremely high tech Thunderbird vehicles to carry out life saving operations that no other rescue organisation is capable of dealing with.

Because this was made in the 1960’s, the organisation had to be kept secret at all costs, because, well, every other show running had to keep their secrets too, unlike with Marvel movies today where very few people really stay secret. Now in the show, to help keep IR secret, they frequently used Lady Penelope for most episodes, but in 1 episode and never to mentioned ever again outside of it, it is revealed that over hundred agents to keep the organisation safe.

In the episode The Impostors, Jeremiah Tuttle, an American hill billy who is also an airforce veteran is dispatched to help with the episode’s plot. And would you like to guess what Jeremiah’s Agent number is?

Just a fun little coincidence, from a show made over 30 years before the first Hitman game.


So I was trying to snipe Hannelore in Hitman Silent Assassin. I wanted to kill her from the starting point and get silent assassin, something that seems impossible because you fail the mission if the patient finds the body, even though that’s not what it says in the briefing.

Anyway, I had to fire a weapon to stop the patient before he reached the room…basically a game of “who gets to the room first,” and what I learned is that, if you fire a weapon and are in the general vicinity of where it was fired from, guards will sometimes frisk you on the spot. I noticed a guard making some strange movements with his hands, performing a pat down on me, just like the guard at the gates in Anathema, even though he was on the other side of the hospital, and he proceeded to shoot at me once he was done. Its inclusion doesn’t matter much, because they shoot you for any old reason in that game, whether they search you or not, but it still interested me. Does any other Hitman game have this feature? I thought Hitman 2016 was supposed to have it, but I have yet to see it if it does.

Oh, and my best rank in trying to snipe Hannelore was Professional. I want to try again another time though, and improve my strategy.


I notice yesterday that 47 isn’t wearing any more the watch in the prologue. If you watch the cutscenes you can see very clear that he wears a watch on his wrist.
But in game gone. Like the Blackballer :smiley:
If I remember correctly he had the watch in the beta during gameplay. Yup, her it is

Listen, I hesitated a lot in not asking you directly @Travis_IOI and @Morten_IOI but is there any valid and logical reason why you removed the “Blackballer” and at this point even the watch from the beta?
I mean why? Why did you remove something that was working good and looked good and even so you keep using it as a wallpaper for the challenges?


I just found out that elusive targets should be kept in the game to play however many times you want. Imagine how much more replay value the game would have, there were some really good ones. Just remove the rewards and you’re good.


Then… they wouldn’t be "elusive"


That’s not anything that you found out in any of the games. That’s just what you want.


Still not as elusive as the enjoyment I get from this game


Must be as elusive as your constructive input too