Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


I try not to because of the possibility of IO doing the complete opposite of what I’m suggesting


Well no offense, but if you find it that terrible… don’t play?


Usually things that you find out are facts, not opinions.

Btw I just found out that this guy gets pissed off when you activate the fireworks.


I found out you can’t plant the retractable baton or the tonfa in the cache in Dalia’s bathroom, even though they’re small items. Is that a bug or what?


In the new game, there is a trick to a prevent accidentally punching someone instead of subduing them. Hold down the “attack” button and walk behind someone and 47 will automatically subdue them the instant the prompt appears, leaving 0% chance of accidental open combat. However, it doesn’t work with fiber wire or any other melee objects.


I found out that you can easily blow someone up with a damaged propane flask and the Big One. Nothing suspicious. :slight_smile:


This is what happens when you mess up the Yoga opportunity with Yuki in Situs Inversus.

She has a different line for every position you end in.


Good find! It still blows me away how much detail they put into the game, even if the vast majority of players wouldn’t find it. Makes the whole game feel so much more alive.


The prompt appear for 0.1 sec and when I saw it flash I swear it’s not the subdue prompt, take me 3 mins to confirm I’m right.


Wow I like to see it. I bet it is just the toilet animation.

Still wondering why I can’t drown people in overflowing sinks…


Yes, 47 will just drown them in the basin, same animation as the toilet drowning. I’ve done it numerous times for laughs.


It’s weird that you can’t do that. But the same animation wouldn’t work though, because sinks are higher than toilets and basins. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you activate the chip inside the curators brain and makes his way outside; if he stumbles upon a body, the “body found” will appear but he will not react to it…


In this state he seems to be okay with death all around him :smiley:


I’ve noticed this too, they’ve changed it about 3 times now, the one we have now doesn’t even come close to sounding like a suppressed pistol it sounds more like water drops falling on the ground. For all I care they could’ve just given us Goldeneye n64’s silenced pistol sound . :smile:


This is exactly what i was thinking, if we are going to use up our slots on reskins of the same weapons we may as well have weapon customization avalible to us now so we decided what “mods” we want on our guns. :unamused:


In the Sarajevo Six contract “The Veteran”
(PS4 only)

If you kill John Stubb’s wife and let him live, he will eventually retreat to the 2nd floor bar area and stay there. Making it nearly impossible to eliminate him unnoticed, unless using a FE.


Wait, what is happening here?


The rifle is launched up with a breaching charge, he catches it from the barge and kills Dalia with it.


You can attach explosives to objects.
Certain objects are indestructible
Certain objects are indestructible and can be moved by shooting it.

What does this mean?


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