Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


That is not only awesome, you even made it useful!


ahahah, yeah, spent a bit of time today looking for the most covenient setup and ended up going with this. So beautiful.


Whaaaat the fuuuuuuu**^#%+*!!! ?


This… this is very creative


Told ya it was amazing :smiley:


You should tag IO on this. How does one even come up with something like that? How did you think of it?


I was fooling around in the market area with explosions. I saw one part with pineapples, and they were indestructible. Most of them don’t get affected by the explosion at all, but i noticed one flew into the air and landed undamaged. I remembered that you can generally put a explosive in any object you can’t pick up. Then it was just a matter of finding objects around that cannot be destroyed but are affected by physics still and started experimenting, ultimately coming up with this setup.

I’m a bit afraid of tagging IOI directly in fear they will totally remove this next update xD


Great discovery :+1:peeps who hear this will be busy tonight


Although that was an awesome kill, It’s not THAT useful since you can only really use it on specific items like that bottle which is not moveable by hand plus body found thus losing SA, so it’s very limiting. But when used, like in the video, is really cool for shits and giggles.

Do remote bombs not blow up if planted on the ground/wall and you shoot it? Or is it just on that bottle?

@BernardoOne, what other items have you tried this with? Have you tried using the ICA space program on an item to launch, like a fire axe from the flying fire axe video?


They don’t blow up because I’m not shooting them, I’m just shooting the bottle.

They can be thrown into the air, but they will explode midair (basically being a flying phone alternative). I don’t think it’s possible to make them fly with a breaching charge and not have them explode midair but i will test it.
SA with this setup might be possible, you’d need to use breaching charges instead and hope that the bottle bounces around close enough to the gas canister inside.


I think their reaction will be


Ya, I was gonna ask that or suggest maybe drop about 10 FE/PT there ready for a show and get SA. Lololol


That’s what they said about the flying hay bale. Guess what happened? :wink:


oh i thought about putting one FE there, it would work, but I think that would be kinda cheating eheh. The cool thing is not even needing to enter the school at all.


I hope it isn’t patched. At the very least i want to see what kind of amazing stuff @cjgarof can do with it.

Small Details Appreciation Thread

In real life it’s not possible to do that, I’ll ask IOI to nerf this kind of remote bottle bomb.

Awesome m8 :smile:


During a botched SA/SO run I had a bit of Mass Murderer mileage and discovered that one of the Barn Guards is carrying a Fusil G2 without a stock.

Can’t be holstered into 47’s clothes though… DUH! :stuck_out_tongue:


All guards who practice shooting carry one of these.

It sounds so cool…


Hey this thing looks neat. Would be a cool unlockable if it were holsterable and not silenced (to nerf it a bit)


I was about to post this one. XD Great find though.