Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


You just found that out now? Lol
nah, that was pretty cool though the first time I heard it.


No, that was months ago. In 2016. It only triggered once. But still. :sparkles:


I guess I’m cheating but I just found out that codename 47 is extremely fun. This is my first playthrough with the game and I was expecting it to be very clunky and unfair. But so far it’s been a very positive experience! As much as I like it, Silent Assassin doesn’t hold up imo. So this was a very nice surprise to find out that the game plays well.


It just took me a bit more than one year to notice that you can actually manipulate and sabotage the robot arm in the containment unit at the Saoienza lab:


Oh wow I remember that Pottery scene. It’s quite magical!

Demi Moore’s Pottery skills changed me from a boy into a man. :smiley:


I just found out you can’t get a briefcase in HITMAN. Now I’m sad and left wondering why.


You’ve only just discovered this now? We’ve been suppressing that disappointment ever since “The Big One” turned out to be a firework. :frowning:


No, but the lack of briefcase needs to mentioned at every possible opportunity.


Just realised how easy it is to free lei ling im C47. It feels alot harder in contracts! :sweat:
But then again I suck at the older games.


C47 is older than Contracts. :slight_smile:


I’m aware.


Okay so, I didn’t just find this out, but I just saw it again today and it made me wonder how many others discovered this as well.

But when you eliminate Strandberg,
the :sweden: Flag lowers right away.


I found something really special
In Contracts, if you fiberwire someone that is close to a wall 47 does something different. The NPC must be so close to the wall that 47 stands with his back against that wall. But what happens, if you fiberwire the person, 47 does a special neck snap animation. It looks like the subdue and snap neck animation from the current game. I never saw this until today. Pretty cool stuff :thumbsup:


lookie lookie found a cookie


Regrettably, I have to agree with @Batman on the video part.


The Napleon Blown Apart remote bomb is one of my favorite items in the game and my favorite explosive device.

That’s what I just found out.

It plays a melody so I always know who has the item. I can’t recall the name of the escalation off the top but it’s in Marrakesh and the fact that it plays a melody saved my ass on it and helped me complete it.


@YourGudBudNel, out of curiosity, why is the video so lacking in quality and FPS?


dunno man, i get 30 fps without recording but my card just went batshit, oh well guess i was late for the party :wink:


You do realize this is a thread dedicated for this sort of stuff, right?


My peoblem is that there could be better ways of pointing that out than making a cold joke about him living under a rock.