Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Aren’t you the one who literally lives under a rock?:+1::joy:


I think the reason why Supernova reacts to your comment is because it was rude and demeaning towards YourGudBudNel. It does not come off as a joke, but rather a immature and rude way to point out that is a known Easter egg.


ayyy c’mon man, its nothing lol, we’re all here to enjoy :smiley:


I don’t think this has anything to do with past grudges, but rather me and @Supernova found it rude, you asked what the problem was with posting in such a manner and told you.

Yes i’m aware that you are on my discord friend list uberpoisedmortal.


I’m sorry if i stepped over your toes, but you can’t expect people to be okay with everything you write. Also you are the one who brought up “past bitterness” and you can’t just jump ship when you begin to accuse people of being hard on you because you believe it’s tied to old grudges.

You are as much derilang the thread as i am, if you don’t like what i have to say you can ignore it and then the conversation is over. It’s pretty simple and i don’t mind taking this discussion.


@Mads47 @Batman

Someday, i’ll play HITMAN at 60fps :cry: someday…


Get this. Just finished Season One and was glancing down the credits, turns out William Mapother of all people voiced Dino Bosco, The Icon. Imagine that.

And to think we killed him. There’s an irony there somewhere…


Hitman has multiple seasons now… :thinking:


I also didn’t know about the multiple seasons:) Granted I did discover hitman recently


Ken Morgan used to date Jackie Carrington.
(The women who was also the Client for the hit on elusive # 23) According to Morgan, they met through friends and they bought a dog named Pickles, who he still owns and cares for. He also helped Jackie sue the studio, when Carringtons TV sitcom show got cancelled.


Looking through the money.xml file in Blood Money reveals that you were once able to pay a certain amount to arrange items left for you in the level or disabling alarms.


“Guards not frisking” seems also interesting. :smiley:


You thought he was drowning??


I thought he was drowning as well.


If you continually shoot Maya Parvati’s metal arm, it will still show blood. However, no matter how many times you shoot it, it won’t kill her. It also makes that metal sound when shooting it. Nice attention to detail right there. I gotta say, I really thought continually shooting Parvati’s arm would eventually cause her to be killed. I was really surprised when I found out it wasn’t the case.


I just realized to put the explosive compound and the big bang together.

Since I like bombs it is nice to have a custom home made bomb that I can get past check points and won’t make me look suspicious.

Most bombs will attract attention and get picked up but not the explosive compound. And since I can trigger it at anytime with the big bang it is like a custom semi remote bomb.



You’ve seen the news same as I, the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.


They do but even the red one will get picked up if they see you place it.

With the compound even if they see me place it they won’t pick it up.
Plus on pro mode if they see you with a trigger it is suspicious.

This way I can place the explosive in the path of the target and not have to worry about anyone walking away with it. All I gotta do is throw the firecracker.


Being unfamiliar with The Icon map until recently, I never thought there was another way to get Dino with a Melee kill other than getting him in his trailer, which I have difficulty gaining access to without getting spotted :angry: if anyone has a tip for that I would love to know. :slight_smile: Here’s an SA Melee kill method using the Q&A opportunity setup