Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


You can actually place weapons and items out of your own reach.

So I called myself being extra sneaky by putting my weapon underneath the couch in Silvo’s room.

That way I could come in unarmed and walk in the room behind the couch and kill him, easy.

Only problem is that I placed it too far under the couch and wasn’t able to get it again. I was very upset did all that planning and all the effort to complete the challenge and then to fail it cause I couldn’t get my weapon from under the couch…


Haha that sucks…Well, in the words of Silvio Caruso;
“Back to the drawling board!”


I just discovered the fire extinguisher trick. So helpful but unrealistic. :boom:


Video it dude. Would love to see that. But I have no idea how you actually did it. Not working for me.


It’s in Hitman Contracts, not 2016.


I guess that’s why it’s not working. Hahahahaha.


Don’t know if I can film it. I still play on PS2 :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe someone else can try and record it? I can also try, but it will be very low quality man.


Is it this animation?



Yes! That is the one! :smiley:


You’re right. It looks identical to what we have in HITMAN for subdue. I guess IO-I used this for subdue and neck snap as it looks authentic, and of course, we don’t have a visible wire unlike in the animation above (when 47 releases the NPC after snapping his neck). :slight_smile:


That’s really cool looking.


Another useful trait for the big one is that you can simply place it on the ground then shoot it from far away with a pistol or a sniper to make it go off. Very handy for distracting people in sniper contracts


It’s puzzling how the animations back then are far better than the ones we have currently :confused:

Should it not be the opposite? Lol


Jordan Cross will call his dad begging for help after he has pushed Ken Morgan out of the window.
In the end… Daddy knows best. :relieved:


You just found that out now?
But yeah, that was pretty funny how he calls him…Again…

Like seriously, Jordan. Get your shit together and stop pushing people to their deaths!
tisk tisk temper, temper… :laughing:


Yeah… I have never waited for him to “get out of position”. Once he’s there I’m like: “That’s the money!” :smiley:


Money…? What money?? :laughing:


Trust me, it actually isn’t. :slight_smile: What we could safely say is, the animations then were miles ahead for their time, than the ones we see now.


Yeah, I suppose that’s one way to put it lol


Had it see it in action (as the pic didn’t do enough for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) so I made a video. A nice piece of detail by IO-I.