Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Ah… this would be where I tout the virtues of the Custom 5mm… :slight_smile:


(I’m probably the last person that found this out…)
So Reza Zaydan (or any other npc?) that finds the knocked out prisoner, will kill him just by looking at him. Then “Non - target killed” shows up, and the prisoner is dead. That’s very strange, because Reza Zaydan is peaceful npc who runs away when he is in trouble. Here is a short video from me showing the situation:


I was playing BM on pro and when Martinez was washing his hands I threw some coins to get him back to the toilet. But then he just decided to leave his briefcase and go back to his route. When he arrived to the bathroom again and was about to take a leak (he sets the briefcase down then) it just teleported back to him. I wonder what would have happened if I was carrying it at that moment. :thinking: Gotta try that later.


Okay, I messed a bit more with Martinez. :smiley: I didn’t manage to carry out the coin trick anymore and also he starts chasing me if I steal his briefcase when he has set it down (even if he didn’t see me pick it up). But I found out that if I knock him out, take the briefcase and let someone wake him up, everything’s okay, If I’ve left the briefcase somewhere, he always knows where it is and goes to take it back. But seemingly it didn’t work if I left it somewhere where he had to go with the elevator, so I did something different. I left the briefcase to the elevator and waited him to go pick it up, then sent the elevator down and knocked him out. Then I took the briefcase to the starting point of the mission and made some guard find Martinez again and voilà! (Yeah I also could have waited him to go to the elevator on his own.) If there only where some cars that could run him over. This doesn’t maintain your SA, but maybe it could be possible to do with the coin trick too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw if I’m carrying the briefcase it can’t teleport back to him.


IIRC the only car that ever moves in this mission is the one you see at the very beginning. Sad because those kills are my favourites.




But how do you know you have a witness? You don’t get a rating at the end, do you?



I knocked out a guy, the guard found him during an alarm, but since i needed him out of the way, when the guard went to look around the area i moved the body into a container. then when the guard came back to where the body was, he actually reacted to it! He’s like “Hey! Did someone move the body? why didnt you say anything?”

i cant believe this detail is in the game. thats an insane level of attention to detail


I just found this dialogue after Strandberg death :


Very interesting!



All this time I thought the “one witness” in Requiem was Diana Burnwood. :wink:


Once the show is over in Paris, this stylist just lays there in a bathroom. I dont know why, must have missed some diealogue I guess. Maybe the pressure was just too much. :smiley:


I once made a Thread for this guy, called something like “Makeup guy sleeping in bathroom”. Very funny :smile:


Now I understand the interest of this guy in that room. Thanx Hardware. Observant, like always. :raised_hands:


so many hidden dialogues in this game, crazy ! :smile:


So true. That’s why the size of the maps is so big. :scream:


I found this trick few days after 1.10 update was released : Attacking someone on stairs (front and back) doesn’t count as being spotted since march update.

Maybe some of you did not know that.


But this makes no sense? Mysterious.


It makes sense because the suspicious indicator is not filled completely, which means the npc did not have time to spot you (remember 47’s face), like melee side attacks or fast frontal throw.