Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Ok, that is an argument. But I’m still afraid of Hitman 16 staircases, 47 and staircases don’t like each other :smile:


This is more like “thing I found about hitman that I don’t understand” but whatever.

Has anyone seen this logo before?

Seems like the ICA’s logo with circle behind it. I don’t recall having seen it before in the series either.


Hm, well as it is with any movie or game nothing is intentional. But other then being a triangle with a circle, i’m not sure what it means. It might be a I.C.A facility logo, but more obscure then the standard skull one.


I’m more interested in “Level Design: IO Interactive”… I mean, like, duh? The whole game was produced by IOI, why put in something like this? It’s like saying “yeah, we made the game and we didn’t even outsource designing the maps!” like it’s some kind of common practice. I don’t get it. Seems like a weird thing to put there.


The helicopter in Skyfall had a similar logo, maybe it’s another James Bond reference?


I just found out that you can climb down the “locked” staircase inside the school on marakesh.
Very helpful way to get out/ or in unnoticed.


Hitman is not made just by IO Interactive.


By vaulting over the banister?


Yes the banister. Didn’t knew you could take this way.


It’s not? o_O



Yes it is. There are no other studios invovlved with the production of the game. IO have created the hole experience inside their studio in Copenhagen. If another studio was involved it would also show on their HITMAN’S Wikipedia page under developer. The closet we get to a second “developer” is Feral Interactive who published the linux version of the game.

The only thing done outside of IO is their cinimatics, but that goes for every developer owned by Square Enix.


yeeeeaaaauuuuhhhhh uhhhhhh


It’s two studios. This has been revealed in the documents they put out a while ago talking about the development of the game, level design, etc. I need to see if I can dig it up.

Edit: lol @HHCHunter got here before I even finished this post :stuck_out_tongue:

Please don’t look at just Wikipedia as if somehow it’s a complete encyclopedia on everything ever, many things just fly under the radar.


It looks like I was wrong on that part, my bad.


It’s ok Mads, you are forgiven
We still love you <3


Dynamedion worked on the third bonus mission too :


Yeah, that’s a reason, why I don’t understand lack of unique musical themes in H2016.
If these themes were composed by Dynamedion, what original composer did for Bangkok? :pensive:


they didnt compose a lot of the music.
the song in bangkok is actually a folk song


MRW they get an outside company to do music.

But it’s not Jesper Kyd