Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


I get the impression that from a developer standpoint IO are dead impressed with their dynamic score, how it layers and cross fades, how those stings and cues roll seamlessly in track after track like a movie score tailor made to every individual player. Like a jigsaw that everyone around the office salivates over, and as they should, it’s a wonderful achievement from a tech standpoint. And by the same token I get the impression it’s this huge achievement that won’t ever be abandoned for that reason.

Could you imagine putting all that work into this dynamic score and having no consumers praise the soundtrack (to anywhere near the level of Jesper Kyd?). Yikes. Remember when this was our dynamic score? For some reason I associate this with pushing @Vinnie_Sinistra down the stairs… :sweat_smile:

Jesper Kyd knows 47. There’s a continuity in his scores for this series. The same ambiances and synth that bind a series even when his scores are entirely different. And even when every game is radically different thematically. Lovely continuity. I think retreating back to Jesper Kyd is a climb down which IO would lose face and time and effort. Why bother? Stick it out.

So, until the end of time, I think we’ll have a wonderful dynamic score tech to deliver the most average soundtrack. Nothing worse than average.

Bonus (I’ll hand back the stick now, and leave this dead horse alone):


I prefer not to get stuck up on the past…

Whenever I think HITMAN I now have this music buzzing in my head.


While I do like this song, I tend to think of that legendary Legacy Trailer song when I think of HITMAN or the Agent 47 Theme from the first game.


They composed “Are we stars” and that’s enough :wink:


Don’t forget Sumo: :smiley:


And they did an EXCELLENT job on Colorado. Level music suits it so perfectly.


What was Sumos part in the level Freedom Fighters? it doesn’t really say on their homepage. From what i can read.


OK… this was a really weird one that just happened in Pro Marrakesh.

I made a big mess out of getting the Cameraman disguise and ended up causing alarms at both the Shisha Cafe and the adjoining shop. I killed around 6 to 7 guards, the shopkeeper, the Cameraman, Strandberg’s Head of Security, the guard at the door of the Shisha Cafe, and around 2 wandering tourists who ran into the shop.

I eventually gave them all the slip but wearing a compromised Cameraman disguise. All the patrons in the Shisha Cafe were Witnesses as well as one of the guards at the Shop Tunnel Entrance.

I’m planning to do the Camera Bomb challenge.
I then approach and tap Pam Kingsley (such lovely curves!) to start her interview sequence with Strandberg.

47: “Camera Rolling.” Opportunity Chime - OK so far so good.

I have a CX explosive in the Camera. Find a safe spot… BOOM! Target down!
(I check on Pam. She’s OK. :wink: )

I’m calmly walking out of the Embassy while the Searching phase is going on. Nobody suspects the compromised Cameraman since none of them are Witnesses.

Then just as I’m crossing the front desk, a guard reaches for his earpiece and I hear him talk:
“What’s that? The Cameraman you say?”

I hightail it out of there and while I’m in the rioting crowd I get the “Hunted” message.

Point shooting?

I’ve been asking for that since Paris’ initial release since I did the Running Man where I would run in from the red carpet start spot, run directly at novikov, punch him and snap his neck in front of everyone and when I get away, I run up to Dalia and nobody else knows anything. So I thought, if they are talking to command, shouldn’t they talk amongst each other and get you compromised all over?


In this case though I really angered the map. When you consider where the Cameraman’s position is, to have witnesses all the way to the Shop Tunnel Entrance!

That’s almost reaching into the Embassy’s zone. So maybe that’s how I managed to make it happen.
I ditched the Cameraman disguise after though so I never figured out if eventually it would be a city wide manhunt.


Well if they are all connected via COMMAND, then they should communitcate with each other. And doing so, makes the game mode play more realistic, so that way, it prevents you from doing what you did (killing a bunch) just to get the disguise and complete the challenge.

So I like that. :grin:



It’s only been mentioned 50 times in this thread.


So in Blood Money there was the feature for turning off lights by switches, and also the ability to cut the power which also had the same effect + distracting a guard, until repaired or turned back on.

I’m interested in what people’s opinion on a mechanic with darkness & lowering AI visibility would be like?
Would it be too overpowered?


Actually, SA and Contracts had that feature that light and distance actually influenced if an NPC would notice you or not. I don’t think HITMAN needs it because we already have the progressive detection system wich fits just fine.


It should be a feature in my opinion. The quantity of light sources you can shoot out in this game is absolutely enormous, yet it has no gameplay purpose. IMO it should make the suspicion meter fill more slowly.


Yes, this so much. You could also give some guards torches or something like that, though I don’t think the game should turn into Thief.


Nah, they should cast light with their mana!

No srsly I like to shoot out light sources, it sadly doesn’t do anything. The noise is not even a distraction. Also, rooms tend to be well lid even when all lights are shot out.


One of the gravestones in Sapienza belongs to Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate.


Legend says he could hold his breath for 10 minutes!!! :smile: