Things That Make You Sad 😥


Okay, so a subject we all probably don’t like to discuss…
But in all seriousness, what are some things that really make you sad?

-A Movie
-A Picture
-A song
-A Memory

…I mean like, you take one look, or hear it and you absolutely

Things That Make You Happy 😀

Donald Trump being alive.


My love life…:cry:
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Knowing that elders, animals or kids died. Something innocent or supposed to be fun being turned into a miserable experience.


This thread is gonna be depressing…
What was I thinking? :neutral_face:


Death of a Small,Cute and Innocent animal…


This. Even reading this makes me upset. :cry:


This right here…

Made me bawl as a kid… Still does lol couldn’t watch the entire video here because I know what happens…



Like having your birthday being turned into a harsh fight between your parents.


Oh why did I have to click here…


Here ya go…


@AGENT4T7 making a upsetting thread :cry:



The fact that both candidates for the US election are equally awful.


Now you need to counter your evildoing with a thread for "what makes you happy :sob::grinning:

As for me, sometimes I like actually seek out being sad by listening to somber songs (is that weird?) The first one that comes to mind is this.

Also a few heartbreaking songs by Sarah Mclachlan.


Lancer patch. Flying fire extinguisher patch. Head turn vision cone patch. Lancer patch. Nobody hears footsteps patch. Lancer patch.

Casablanca. Kittens. Lancer Patch.

Bye-bye stutter step happy patch that came back in another sad patch.

And the lancer patch.


Haha there shall be no “happy threads” here!! Lol maybe in the future haha but no that’s not weird at all and that song is sad, jeeze…

Oh my god…don’t get me started :cry:

On topic… I saw a guy earlier today with no legs and only one arm… (Which is what made me think about creating this thread)
And man… Did my heart just go out to him :disappointed:
Felt so bad for the guy. What made it even worse was the fact that he look very young, maybe 18-19?
Poor guy…


Also this movie AND this song, ugh. One of Nicolas Cage’s best and most overlooked movies. If you’ve never seen City of Angels, you should.


Yup… I’ve seen that movie before. Multiple times… It is one of Nicolas Cage’s best movies IMO and that is such a good/sad scene.

Stop it @FantumX just stop! I can’t take it no more… :sob: Why oh why. did I make this thread!!?