Things That Make You Sad 😥


I’d like to add i also just spilled my cereal all over the place just now… :cry:


You’ll get over this I hope. I would wish I could help you deal with the trauma, but this is just something so damn common for me that I’m just immune to it somehow. So I really don’t know what to say that will make you feel better. Was there any motive published in the press?


Well thanks for your concern man, but i wouldn’t say i have trauma by it. I mean like i said, i didn’t know the guy personally, plus id imagine actually seeing it, rather than just hearing it would be far worse, obviously. But another thing, this isn’t the first time their has been a shooting/killing near my house.

A few years ago a man down the street from me shot his wife point blank outside their house. It was in the afternoon too! According to the paper, they got into an argument, she ran outside cause he got a gun, halfway down the street he gunned her down from behind, as she was running. He killed her.

I remember driving by the house the very next day and her blood was stained on the sidewalk still… Shits sad. As for the motive of the gunshot i actually heard, im not quite sure. Police did suspect it to be drug related though.

As for yourself (where you live) be careful man. People are damn crazy.


Scary stuff mate take care and stay safe.


Thanks man. Yeah, you ain’t kidding.


A nation of guns and short tempers.


When you see one of your old crushes with a baby buggy AND a baby belly, smoking a cigarette.
First all you can think of is “Thank god we never got together, I’d be so ashamed” and “Poor kids”.
Then you think “Maybe it wouldn’t be like this IF we got together”, blaming yourself for what you’re seeing.
Then you think “Eh, she didn’t want me, her fault” and “Poor kids” again.


I think my grandma is passing away soon. She was diagnosed with cancers last year, went through a few majors surgeries, and I just got informed that she could barely eat today.

She’s living in another country so I can’t just call it a day and rush to see her.

I’m trying my best to act normal in front of my colleagues but don’t know how much longer I can last.


I’m sorry to hear that man, that sucks. 2 days ago I was told that my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and apparently it’s the worst kind. I’m not very close to my grandparents anymore for a ton of personal reasons, so I’m a little apathetic about it and I know that sounds terrible but I’d be lying if I said she didn’t give me great memories. So I guess I should look at your situation and be more appreciative of the fact that I can still see her.

I’m sorry to hear about your grandma, I hope she fights the cancer and destroys it. Such a horrible disease.


If you indeed need to cry, just do it. It isn’t good for your health to keep that in you. And for her, hope for the best and tell her that you love her beary dearly.


Thank you all :cry:

I don’t think my grandma will be able to fight it anymore due to her age (she is 85) and that she had two brain surgeries before last year and she is really weak now. So weak that she is only able to take the most conservative treatments which don’t do much if anything at all except easing some pain. I only hope she can last until I fly back in a couple of days or at least pass away in peace.

Just got out from a presentation in a meeting. Can’t even remember what BS came out of my month but I don’t care I’m just gonna go home and have a good cry now.


Maybe that’s why both my nose and gum are bleeding now…


Man… Be strong. For both of you. Remember that you aren’t alone.


I was kinda saving this for the pine cone thread but due to recent… events, i guess i’ll just spill the beans. I’m not quite sure how to put this into words, Deep down inside i wanna be that positive cool guy anyone can talk to but i feel very… well i don’t know if it’s depressed but it’s some a sort of emptiness. Like i could be doing so much more but some lingering feeling just says “don’t even try it. What makes you think you’ll ever amount to anything?” i don’t know why i think like this. It tends to cut into my social life too Making it difficult to communicate with others properly. I don’t know… i feel like I’m just rambling again.


You’re not rambling, I know exactly how you feel so just know that you’re not alone man.


Honestly what you’re describing is pretty common and perfectly normal. Personally, I experience this sometimes, and I have a few suggestions for you. :slight_smile:
First read this short article writen by Wil Wheaton about depression.

I found it encouraging and I hope you will too. For me I used to feel like I couldn’t relate to others. That is until I realized these feelings are so common, most people around you are probably constantly battling with it internally. Not sure if that’s of any comfort, but it made me feel like “less of a freak”.

Second suggestion. It occurred to me depression and feelings of suicide are often kept a secret. Guilt of worrying others, social stigmas, etc. But in reality when something like this is so difficult that it becomes an obstacle in your life, it’s a good idea to talk to someone. If you cannot afford any type of counseling there are depression/suicide hotlines you can call. (Could look some up but not sure of your area…)

Last one, probably the most simple one. Do at least a little exercise. About 30 mins 3 times a week or so. The endorphins act as a natural anti depressant, and can be a good place to focus on goals.

I wish you luck and remember you’re not alone in this :smile:


But after completing it, I feel emptiness because there’s nothing else to do.:cry:


Thinking about a show and realizing you can’t go back and watch the show for the first time again.

Like Breaking Bad. feelsbadman


the ending of breaking bad hit me in the feels like a freight train


Having tinnitus and not being able to enjoy complete silence and knowing you never will ever again :worried:. I’ve had it for years now, I just hope it doesn’t get worse.