Things That Make You Sad 😥


I was kind of having a good day today. Feeling on top of the world. My manager pulled me aside told me that i need to start doing better at my job and that while i was gone, other employees were doing my job better. I told her i understood and that i’ll improve but that’s going to be hard to accomplish this time during the year. I try to help other coworkers out as much as possible and i feel as though i already do alot for my job, even though i don’t really like it all too much. There are some employees that i feel don’t do their jobs but it didn’t feel right to just throw them under the bus with me. I understand that i need to do better but it just caught me off guard. And i feel much more stressed than i should be. Kinda hard to think straight.


Sometimes you have to if them not doing their job is affecting your job performance. It’s nice to help people but make sure you only do it once you have done your own job or if you know you have the time. There are drivers at my work who drive very badly and are quite dangerous and they are driving 7 and a half tonne vehicles. There have been several incidents I haven’t reported because I don’t like to tell on people but I probably should have because they aren’t fit to do the job. Just focus on yourself more and your own work, you can only do your best at the end of the day. If it’s not good enough then that’s up to your boss to do something about it be it more training, advice or letting you go. Maybe you could ask him to tell you in more detail the things that need improving and what advice he has? At least that shows you are interested in making improvements.


Had a good cry in my room yesterday (turned 47’s figure around so he couldn’t see me doing it) and I’m a lot calmer now. So good to have you guys around. :slight_smile:


I just found out I have to work on Thanksgiving, so I’m really upset right now. Finding out last minute is the worst of it. :disappointed:


Same here man. Having it for a year now :sob:


I some how manage to tune it out alot of the time but when it’s quite it’s really loud. When I go into noisy environments it gets alot worse after too. I have just been to a restaurant for Chinese and now I’m home in my quite house it’s really bad.


Me too. I am so mad at apple. In europe the walkman had 99dB limit and apple never followed the law. So they sold their stupid ipod without any limit for the loudness of the music, and I did listen to more than 110dB music during long period of time.

So now I have ear ringing and 50% of my sadness is from that, the other 50% are the lack of social interactions which makes me often look like an autistic person when I’m in front of other people. I don’t really look at people’s eyes so that can make it quite quickly cringy situations.


Mine is from having music at the top volume in headphones too :worried:. My friend is very socially awkward I feel really bad for him when I see him try and interact with people. The only thing you can do is try and get a good group of friends who understand and accept how you are. It’s not easy as there are lots of judgemental people out there but there are lots of nice people too!


When I was a kid I felt like my ears were invicible. Now, I know I was just a stupid kid. Instead of enjoying my life I destroyed my ears on purpose. There is an known sentence in french which is “If the old could, if the young knew”

Yeah, but I feel sort of sorry because this awkwardness never disappear. I mean I know someone who doesn’t look directly to me when I speak to him, but it not like me.

Sometimes I just stare at a table and talk to someone next to me like if I was on the phone. And a psychologist told me I was sick and an other guy asked me if I was depressed.

For example, at the university, there is a printer and when someone makes copy of a book I leave and I wait until he is gone, because I want to be a shadow and I can’t ask to unknown people when they are done with their work. Add the fact that the printer is near the exit and I have to bump in almost every student leaving the library. It might be a detail but I also can’t do proper copies of the book, so I have to print the book again and monopolize the printer during longer period.

I think I would have been happier if I knew more people and I wouldn’t stop on so tiny details like that.
And university if kind of anonymous. You can have a few friends but everything changes everytime, so you can also never see them again because the next year they won’t follow the same lesson. It’s like the weather.


It’s tough mate just keep trying to get yourself into social situations little by little and hopefully you can work through it with the help of friends.


That there is 100 more posts in the “sad” thread, than the things that make you ‘happy’ thread :disappointed:


Going up to my grandparents’ tomorrow and it just makes me sad that every year I seem to get less close with my cousins. We all used to be so close as kids, and it’s just so different now.



But is it a really high frequence? Like 10000+ hz? Because mine is a quite low-pitch sound. A thing that may help is putting on white noise (not sure it’s called that way) on a radio. It works quite relaxing.


Mine is a really high pitched ringing, sat in bed now and it’s so loud :worried:. I honestly have no idea how I tune it out so often, if I ever get to a point where I can’t I think I will go insane.


Watch dogs 2 in sale @Playstation store because black friday but still €44,95 :no_mouth:


What’s that in pounds? I payed £44 for it on release day.


Man,I can’t imagine how frustrating that must be.
Since when do you have it?


I don’t remember exactly I feel like I’ve always had it but I’d say around three or four years.


From 59,3 pounds to 38,1 pounds.