Things That Make You Sad 😥


£59 ??? Wow that is a ripoff.


Then we hope it will never get to that point. As long as you’re careful it probably won’t.


I’ve had it for about 8 years. Some days it’s literally screaming at me. I’ve got a low pitch rumble in my right ear too which some days I can physically feel too. That one came about after a particularly loud gig.

RIP my sound engineering career


It sucks that there is nothing you can do to get rid of it :worried:.


I wanted to buy watch dogs 2 today but my fucking mobile phone died. There goes my money Gdamned…



Maybe your phone got hacked. Gotta watch out for those dogs.


For the very first time, I failed an ET today. Now I feel super shitty. This is what makes me sad.


I never attempt them without watching walkthroughs anymore, not since we’re being rewarded for SA


What sucks ls living with the fact you have to wait even longer now for the winter suit and possibly an even longer time for the Marrakesh one. FML


The fact I can no longer shoot people in the new Hitman. It’s to the point where I just no longer feel like playing it at all. Which sucks, I really like this game and we still have another mission to go.

Hope this gets fixed soon, or ever.

Edit: god damnit, I can’t even watch footage either, just started watching a video in the bug report thread and that didn’t work out. Now I’m really depressed.



My grandmother in Mexico has passed. I found out earlier at 6 am or something but i didn’t take it all in at first As i was half asleep. I’m only realizing now how very real this is.


My sincerest condolences…Death seems never fair…I hope you(and your relatives and friends)manage through the loss…It takes time…But don´t let it bottle up inside you :cry:


My condolences never easy to lose someone especially around the holidays. Lost my Dad this month 15 years ago. Remember the good times!!


Man… This one always gets me.


Thank you @Chef-assassin @MrKoippa. This has been tough on all of us but i choose to remember the good times.


Yeah. Hitman helps me vent. Always has. Since my sister passed away Sunday afternoon I’ve killed a lot of NPCs offline. A lot. Whoever is responsible for letting the NPCs have unlimited ammo and fire like crazy and still hasn’t patched it on PS4, I hope you do soon. Just do your job. Please. The disc is out in just about two months.

I am looking forward to escaping from reality with the Sniper pack and Christmas mission. I definitely need it.


My father is the same as you. Although his mother was abusive and his father was too busy creeping on women in the neighborhood. He also does not engage in drinking or smoking (he has one beer on New Years and a glass of wine on his anniversary) and he’s made himself into a great man. For the record I love smoking weed and I enjoy drinking but I commend you for looking to break the chain. Nothing wrong with sober people unless they’re sanctimonious and judge mental about it. @Alek


I assure you that is the best decision for your life. Learning from experience and rising above than just repressing or redirecting.
I too have made the same choice and never touched Drugs, Alcohol etc nor i plan to. (not even hooked on Coffee)
I am very Cautious about mental and immune system health.