Things That Make You Sad 😥


Sorry i have a hard time explaining things The right way


All righty. maybe you both are having difficulties and this is just a stage in relation to those problems.


After two years I got fired at my job today. For going to the toilet without asking.


You should of asked, even 47 knows when to ask.



Yup…We need that Pinecone Thread re-opened.


Greg Thurman was always there for everybody :sweat:


What is the Pinecone thread though


What’s the story with that? Do you mind sharing?

Were you like a guard at military base or something?


A thread I made from long ago… Long before your time here lmao

Jk, naw, you can still type in Pinecone and check it out, it’s just closed now… It was a venting thread I made long ago, but got closed due to…politics…


No. I work at a supermarket. I almost pissed my pants so I went to the toilet. But when I stood by the door the chef came and asked me what I was doing. I said I need to go to the toilet. He said “Oh I don’t think so”. So I said I can’t just piss my pants. That was a bit too cheeky for him. We have this rule that when you have 3 warns you get fired. I had 2. I got my 3th one for going to the bathroom without asking. I could leave ammediately and today I had a chat with my boss about it. I am fired and need to return my stuff next week. After 2 years of work I get fired because of this shit. Thanks.


Damn that’s not right at all. I use to work at a super market. Never heard of anything like that-they just wanted you to wash your hands. Sheesh. Sorry to hear that- hopefully you can find something better. And I don’t see how that reply was cheeky at all. It is a fact of the matter statement


Damn chefs!!! Bastards. Sorry to


The existance of a flag limit makes me sad. I understand why it is that it has a place, but still makes me sad.


These episodes from Courage the Cowardly Dog always get me into tears:

It’s just…


Just own your height. You can tower as a person. You don’t need those extra inches.

People will gravitate towards your confidence.

Look at Peter Dinklage from “Game of Thrones”. Yes, I know he’s rich and famous. but his character has still become something of a sex symbol – despite the fact that he has dwarfism – because of the self-assured way in which he carries himself. He’s more “manly” than most of the taller guys on that show, and there are plenty of women who would agree.

And that’s a very extreme example. 5’ 6" isn’t short in comparison.


Thanks man, and you’re right- Tyrion’s height doesn’t matter at all because of his personality, I never thought about it like that. There’ll definitely be people who judge based on cosmetics and appearance alone but people like that are narrow-minded & childish if they can’t give a personality a chance. So they’re not worth dealing with.

Like I said, I could be shorter, so I try my best to look at it from a positive perspective, really as long as I’m taller than the girl I’m dating, that’s all that I think I should worry about.

I’ll keep that comparison with Peter Dinklage in mind and hopefully that comparison helps anyone else on here who feels the same way I do.


Peter Dinklage Is definitely a good comparison. He’s not ashamed about his height in the slightest. It’s one of the reasons i think he’s so well respected. He doesn’t let it bother him which lets him be as charming as he wants to be.


Sorry for late reply to this. I know how that feels. When I was growing up, I lived near a road where people would race constantly. One night during summer vacation, my dad and I heard a loud sound of a motorcycle winding down and a loud bang. We went out to see what happened and there were two guys scattered all over the street, a totaled motorcycle and an elderly woman in a big Ford Thunderbird. These two guys were going so fast they went into oncoming traffic and hit the lady in the T-bird head on. They wore no helmets and their bodies were scattered all over the street. One guy landed close to the sidewalk and I just stared at him hoping he’d get up and move, but he just lauded there as still as still can be. Sad event.


Wow, that’s crazy. It’s one thing to just hear a tragic event like I did, but you actually saw it. Did they survive?


Dude, I am your girlfriend’s height. I used to feel like that was a horrible thing, but later I came to find that even though people are always giving us a hard time because we’re short, it can only bug you as much as you let it. Lots of ladies couldn’t give a shit less that you are shorter than they are. You and Al Pacino are the same height. :grinning: