Things That Make You Sad 😥


That I will never be able to play the following:

  1. The first 4 ET released (I was abroad unable to login)
  2. Hitman old games (BM or Trilogy) on PS4!


Na’Vi lost again in a tough fight with astralis :cry: :cry: :cry:
CS:GO players will understand


Same man. I missed some very popular and good ETs (The Twin and the Ex- Dictator) and I hate how the older games aren’t on PS4. Probably the only thing good about the X1, because of the backwards compatibility. I also play on PC, but I would love if they ported the games to PS4.


Up here in Scotland, in the wake of Brexit, the Scottish Nationalist Party have offically declared their intention to pursue a second independence referendum, something very unsurprising, I feel sad because I am now reading lots of comments online about how people are eager for Scotland to go independent so that they can gleefully watch the country crash and burn.

Just fed up of the sheer corrosiveness that events like these cause, and how people are so eager to see more people suffering in the world. I find it difficult not to feel sad and angry at these types.


Look at this crap:


uh… I don’t get your point?


Because we paid up the arse for them? Not sure


and it’s sacrilege that year-old games are on sale?


I won’t lie, this kind of thing pissed me off when I re-bought Tomb Raider literally a couple weeks before it was released for free. Shit timing on my part, but still.


Exactly, I don’t understand fully.


[quote=“Danger_dog_guy_7, post:334, topic:11829, full:true”]

[/quote]Full experience players had to pay 60 bucks for a beta state game, now it’s finished you only have to pay 15 bucks (for a short period). Yes yes I know the story the game is allready more than one year old so it’s no big deal, but you know what I mean. 75% seems a bit over the top when you payed 60 bucks for a game that wasn’t finished. It’s your own choice to buy it early, but a real fan to the series pays more than a n00b who accidentally finds it in the store because the hardcore fan wants it from release.


Nope? You’re wrong. Up to 75% off =/= everything 75% off.


Things That Make You Sad

The realization that the embers of revolution will never again be truly ignited.


Its never too late comrade. Because soon we will all see that “COMMUNISM WILL WIN”

A Public service Message from The…


Sandmännchen was Communist:( My childhood memories are ruined;,(


One of my favorite Metallica songs: Enter Sandmännchen


Graduating in a month and my grades are still hella hecked up, feels really hecking bad


Hang in there, pepe.


The first time I read this I thought of something else


… so my best friend and I created a “learning group”, because we wanted to learn (obviously) for our exams. We asked our friends, especially the ones who need help, so we can share our knowledge with them. They were very happy, and agreed with this idea. So met a few times already, to learn for math and german. But it was always the same. Some people were learning, while the others, the ones that need this extra learning, were doing shit. We created this group for these people, and they didn’t took the chance. I feel sad for them. But it’s their life, and I shouldn’t judge them. Tomorrow is the first exam, in german. This made me sad today. Just wanted to write it down. Thank you for reading this post.