Things That Make You Sad 😥


Really? Boy is something you normally say to someone younger than you I don’t see how it has anything to do with skin colour. I can see it coming across as talking down to someone if used with an adult but certainly nothing racial. Anyway I will take your word for it :yum:.


It was a common term during slavery here, meant to emasculate and humiliate black men. Like I said, very akin to the N word here.


Wow. How many simple terms are taken out of their original context and turned into offensive ones?


It sure seems like we have a lot of otherwise innocuous things that get tied to evil here in the US. :disappointed:

And I guess to make this conversation “on topic”…
Racism makes me sad.


Discrimination in general is sad, but is sadder when someone actually fits into stereotypes at the step of the letter.


What makes me sad?

4T7 always putting emojis in thread titles.


What makes me happy…



I don’t ALWAYS lol only when it’s “fitting”


[spoiler]Things that make you happy :grinning:

Things that make you sad :cry: [/spoiler]



I tend to waste my money on Steam Games for PC and other stuff like that, but I never get around to playing them. I have about 20 games on my library for Steam that I never got around to playing. Then the huge steam sales come, and my wallet is in trouble.


oops my bad! You did reply to him I just misread your comment. sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


This. Don’t know why I even hoped it would be any different.


What is this?? :open_mouth: Is that a police baton?



oh lol. yes make sense. It doesn’t really achieve anything that a wrench wouldn’t achieve =.=


We got a baton as an unlock in Colorado that isn’t detected during frisks, every level has the same wrench that doesn’t count as visibly armed. We’re on the last episode, and this is one of the unlocks, given the circumstances the literal only thing it could offer is new animations since it’s a different type of weapon, but instead it’s just nothing at all.


Yeah, I would say this is the worst unlock in Japan. And we got the Baton in Colorado, which is better and can’t be detected in frisks. I don’t even what IO was thinking when putting this unlock in.


Looks the like the same animation and he holds it just like the other baton what a joke.


Thinking about this hitman back in 2015 and then watching this hitman now … :unamused:


Found an old pic of the house I grew up in and what most winters looked like here. No snowblower, just shovels handed to us kids. Really sucked. Made some awesome snow forts tho.


This is even worst than my yard😂