Things That Make You Sad 😥


That’s what this is for:


Guys it’s made of red oak.

Do any of you have no idea how difficult it is to find red oak?

EDIT: Nevermind


Surprised this thread isn’t kicking right now.


Why? The election thing was kinda expected a long time ago.


There is already an election thread which I believe you muted pretty early on.


I’m perfectly aware, and yes I did, there’s not enough time in the world for some of the things that were posted in there.

People posted unlocks in here as they were announced, it’s not far fetched to think some would come in here for this.


Server maintenance starting while I’m trying to do something and the fact it means I can’t play my single player game.


Pretty cynical admitedly.

But I feel a regular dred over the fact the the planet seems destined to become poisoned within the next few centuries. Because money is more important to people than clear air and clean water. And the damage is already irreversible.


Moment when you cant use Hitman Forum :persevere:


True dat.



HMF going down constantly, glad I’m not a sponsor :neutral_face:.


It’s also the forum often going down as a big letdown for me. Not that I am addicted to it, but everything is really quiet here. It’s not like reddit, where you have your commentary lost among 2k answers to a thread. And the downvote system is really bad, because you can be downvoted for good reason, like for bad ones. Reddit users are almost bigot when you are into debates and the downvote can be used as a weapon against you :confused:


I guess i should add a warning if your superstitious, the song is said to cause suicide, but I’ve listened to it plenty of times and I’m fine. Billie Holidays rendition of gloomy sunday is one of the most depressing songs I’ve ever heard, and i love it.


When Hitmanforum stops being accessible on your birthday of all days.


Happy belated birthday!


It makes me sad to see tremendously, striking similarities in the grammar, behaviour and activity that some newcomers have with suspended users.

It also makes me sad that some of the banned members have access to the lounge.

And it makes me sad that I had to spend 4 days on gamefaqs because 502.


It saddens me that we’ll no longer have an articulate, thoughtful, educated, introspective leader of our country. Replaced by an incoherent lout. We’re supposed to be a shining beacon of inclusiveness and freedom … and now this. Maybe we were always a sham, that’s a valid argument.

One of the enduring images of O’s presidency. Still brings tears to my eyes.


I just visited the flight 93 crash sight. It was pretty heavy to take in.

This is a picture of the wall of the victims from the crash site


Now I don’t live in the US but I’m curious, from all these photos Obama looks like the coolest and warmest president ever, yet a lot of people hate him and say that he was the worst president in the history of United States.

I’m not much into politics but this case interests me so can anybody give me a short version on what’s the deal there? Thx.


He’s done a lot of shitty things (Drone program, expansion of surveillance state), but the people in question you are referring to don’t really have an opinion on that. They’re generally racists who hate that a black man defeated two white men in elections, or they’re anti-progressive in some way and think any form of public healthcare system is straight up socialism.

I guess the short version is that they’re uneducated, racist fucks.