TV Show discussion


Good show I hope there is a season two in the not so distant future.


It is supposed to air “before July 2017”.


Been watching this. I don’t recall if I ever saw the movie with Yul Brynner, I must have done. Great show. You can never have enough cowboys and robots. Walking Dead soon, then Vikings then Game of Thrones. I have so much to watch at the moment and never finished Hannibal or Hell On Wheels. We live in an age where TV shows are really good. Better than alot of the movies coming out these days.


Finally someone else who watches Hell on Wheels. It’s one of my favourite shows of all time. Anson Mount plays the main character really well. I’m hoping to see him in a western game at some point, maybe Red Dead? :stuck_out_tongue: He’s also a gamer.
Anyway, I’m waiting for Season 5 to be fully released on DVD. Right now, only part one is available.


The protagonist is great, another reason why I love the show. I’ve got up to the middle of Season 2 so far. Another series on the ever growing list to watch :smiley:


To everyone who likes Hell on Wheels or Western genre, Deadwood is another great show! Al “Swegen” is the best! :laughing:


“Swedgen! Wu! COCKSUCKER!”


Yeah, I watched that show earlier this year. Ian McShane (Al Swearingen) was the highlight of the show. Such a great performance :+1:


A little bit of trivia (that everyone probably knows), Timothy Olyphant took the role in Hitman because Deadwood was canceled and he needed the money to pay for a house.


@Pissfloyd you should’ve just told the forum if you needed some money, they would’ve helped you out


Still hooked on Californication on season three episode four already. Are deadwood and he’ll on wheels good then? Never seen either which is better?


If you like westerns, you’ll love them both. I personally like Hell on Wheels better, it has a better story in my opinion. Deadwood’s story hasn’t ended properly, it was cancelled after Season 3. But apparently, they’re making a movie.


Has anyone watched yesterday’s episode of Gotham? There’s a scene with the Penguin and his goons at the table and Victor Zsazs totally looks like the new Hitman character. I think if he wouldn’t put on that batshit crazy look, he could be a good Agent 47 in a movie.


Any fan of the crime/mafia genre should give Gomorrah a try


Is it in English? On amazon prime or Netflix?




You guys should check out the Lucifer TV show :wink:.



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It’s Italian. I don’t have netflix or amazon prime but you can get it easily on any major torrent website.