TV Show discussion


I’m not a fan of illegal streaming anymore too many pop ups etc. I would much rather pay and have ease of access and HD quality.


Assuming that’s you in your avatar are you bald? It’s hard to tell as it cuts the top off. If so did you shave your head to look like 47? :smiley:. I could never pull of a shaved head so hopefully I never go bald.


Can’t wait for this!


Yup. I usually just use a trimmer without a guard. No smooth shave like 47 but it works.
Have you tried to pull it off? Most are in doubt but I’m telling you, there’s freedom in never thinking of your hair.


I have shaved it very short a few times in my youth but I’m not sure how well it suited me. I definitely don’t think a clean shave would suit me :sweat_smile:. It is an amazing feeling not having to worry about doing your hair though.


Time to watch the latest episode of lucifer :grinning:.


I just started doing the same thing a couple months ago. Had nothing to do with 47, I was just looking to simplify my life, even in the smallest of ways. I’m not quite as hansome anymore without the hair :yum: but I really like the simplicity. :+1:

On topic, being that I almost exclusively watch Netflix for my tv pleasure, I wish they included more good comedy. So much of my que is filled with action and drama, I get burned out on it and need to even it out with something light and funny. I think I’m on my third round of watching all the seasons of Rules Of Engagement. Funniest show on there!


If it’s available on US Netflix, check out The Thick of It. Absolutely hilarious political satire series from Armando Iannuci, who went on to create Veep, and it stars Peter Capaldi (The current Doctor Who) as the angriest, sweariest Scotsman ever to work as Director of Communications for the Government.

Alternately, there’s a movie spinoff called In The Loop which has Malcolm Tucker going to Washington and wreaking havoc.


Just watched episode three of Westworld it was enjoyable but it wasn’t amazing imo. I also watched the latest Lucifer that was also pretty meh.


Maybe a bit late? But episode 4 of Gotham is out :smiley:


I’m still on season three but ear the end of it.


Anyone here watch “Atlanta” on FX?


Nope any good? What’s it about?


I really need to get back into Gotham among many other shows.


It is about a man named Earn who is trying to make his cousin, Paper Boi, into a rap star. It’s very surreal in terms of humor (think Twin Peaks) and has some of the sharpest dialogue I’ve ever heard. Be warned tho they say the n-word a lot


Episode 7 of Quarry is out :smiley:.


I just finished Stranger Things.

…I feel so empty now :frowning:



Go and read something or start watching cartoons.


Nothing will fill the void it has left. Nothing.


We Bare Bears can do that and more.