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I haven’t seen it myself but I hear good things. Don’t forget the next episode of Lucifer drops tomorrow :smiley:.


So who’s seen the latest westworld? Was it better than the last episode? @ingrobny has quarry picked up? I haven’t watched the last three episodes yet.


Yes, he is paying his dept, he had a new contract in episode 6, i haven’t watched episode 7 yet.


But Joni is about to do something Quarry don’t know about and i don’t he will like it :fearful::smiley::wink:.




I’m glad I was half right with my prediction, only one guy can take a spiked bat to head and stand straight for seconds. The episode kind of bummed me out and thinking that Negan is going to keep breathing for a long time is going to bug me this entire season.


You saying RIP because your going to get perma banned for that post? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


I’m saying RIP because SOMEONE DIED :cry:


In the walking dead?


No irl, that’s why I’m replying to a post about the Walking Dead in a thread about TV shows :stuck_out_tongue:


Makes sense to me :joy:.


I just got back from work. Bathing the kids then watching Rick Grimes and Co. Been waiting for a long long time.


No spoilers I’m behind on the walking dead.


I right now i’m watching ‘The Strain’, one of my favorit shows and i find it much more enjoyable then Walking Dead and much more fascinating. The show is about a vampire outbreak in New York, this is not the sexy or flamboyant vampires we know from recent movies and other tv-shows. They have a lot in common with the Reapers from ‘Blade II’, a more interesting take on the Undead. Mix it with a bit of World War II Flash backs, medieval lore and a German villain and you got one of my favorit shows at the moment. Season 3 is coming to and end, and next year the series final. Which i love that it ends after season 4, not dragging on for ages.


Don’t suppose it’s on Netflix is it?


Thanks to social media, I already know what happened in episode 1 of season 7 of the Walking Dead, and I still have to watch season 6. :unamused:


So how did you guys react to the Walking Dead? I’ll give it to them, they suprised me, I DID NOT expect this turn of events. I mean the first death was very predictable, but then I think most of us thought “phew, all good now” and then Glenn gets comicbooked… I was shocked. I enjoyed it very much.

@Reaper holy fuck I’m terribly sorry… it’s late


You didn’t do the spoiler tags right…thanks.

@borek921 change the second bracket to /spoiler.


Hm it might be, i can’t remember if it was on Netflix i saw the first season. It might be on American or Canadian Netflix, but it’s hard to say. Since each country got their different content.

Just watched first episode of Walking Dead’s season 7. The best episode so far, i really love the new bad guy. Brutal and playful, you don’t know what he will do or come up with. A really great TV villain also i love the actor, he’s perfect for the role.


Just started with Designated Survivor. Didn’t think I’d like it, but it’s not too bad at all


Just finished Season 1 of The 100 watching Season 2 now.

This shit is :fire::100: :ok_hand: