TV Show discussion


I’m a fan of the show as well and I’m glad to say it really improves after the first season (which had too much teenage drama for my taste), season 2 is amazing and season 3 is great too (I won’t go into details so I don’t spoil anything for you). I don’t mind the eye candy either, lots of pretty girls in that show. :grin:


Yeah, I remember watching the start of Season 1 and either dropping it or loosing interest a while ago. I only just recently picked it back up, and I’m glad I kept with it into season 2.

Is there gonna be a season 4? There better be!


Oh yes there is a season 4 and the setup for it is really cool!


Might have to check it out from what I saw in the trailer a while back it didn’t look great.


ayyyyye the strain is off tit


Surprised I haven’t seen the strain before I love vampires.


@Mads47 the strain is not on Netflix and it’s not included with prime you have to pay :sob:. The only option is to stream online and I don’t like to do that anymore :disappointed_relieved:.

They finally put AHS Hotel on Netflix so I will give that a try.


Episode 8 of Quarry is out :smiley:.

And episode 6 of Gotham is also out :smiley:

Episode 5 of Westworld is also out :smiley:


I have just finished watching all seven seasons of Californication fml so sad that there will never be another one :sob:.


Glad there won’t, the last three seasons were awful and way over the top.


The whole show was over the top that’s why I loved it, I loved all the fucked up relationships everyone had.


Yeah, it was but i felt it became very cartoony towards the end and the characters became caricature of them self.


Yeah I can see where you are coming from but I still enjoyed it and I’m sad it’s over. There aren’t many shows I can say I have watched seven seasons of. In fact I don’t think I ever have watched that many :open_mouth:.

I watched dexter, breaking bad and smallville throughout I think they had a lot :thinking:.


I’ve been watching Supernatural since high school, so that’s about 7-8 years now and I’m still not bored. Two and a half men is the only other show I watched for 10+ seasons but I only started watching it after the first 6-7 seasons were already done.


I have watched a lot of supernatural but it’s one I have lost my place with. I need to get back into it and catch myself up.


Yeah I read the books. Really enjoyed them. Have only watched a few episodes. If you love the show. Definitely check out the books they are a fantastic read!


I have just come across a new episode of scream on Netflix wtf?? Looks like they have done like a special 1 hour 20 minute episode and added it on to season two. Going to watch now, @Mads47 was it you who watched scream?


Yeah I watched it with my girlfriend, think I know what to watch her on Thursday when she comes over. Thanks for letting me know :blush:


It was really entertaining. No spoilers but it’s not really connected to the main story and it was a nice change.


Episode 6 of Westwood is out :smiley:, it’s getting better and better.