Ubisoft teases "New Business and Recurring Release Model" for 2018


Oh the irony if it turns out Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry all become episodic… :stuck_out_tongue:


You can’t make an open world game like AC episodic. Never played far cry. Not into 1st person games.


I was kind of hoping they give AC another year to take some needed R&R but so long as they’re not going back to that yearly release schedule, then maybe the game will turn out OK.

The move to digital isn’t really a surprise. If IOI can pull it off then others will try to follow suit. Not something I’m looking forward to.


Assassin’s Creed basically is episodic. Right now they’re calling their episodes sequels.

If they just ran them out of a single launcher, and integrated DLC a little differently, they could get away with calling the series episodic.


Oh, so then I can’t wait for episode 3 in watch dogs. Or episode 5 in batman arkham. :roll_eyes::upside_down_face::rofl:


Ubisoft is awful and so is episodic video games historically. Guess they’re a fit for each other.


Well considering it’s made by the same team that did black flag, they have had more than enough time to make it (about 4 yrs). Cuz that’s how the ac devs work. Ac 3 already starting production when ac 2 begun. And ac black flag when revelations was being done. They have about 3 teams for ac.

That’s why it never bothered me for their annual release. It was one game I expected every Q4.


Seems like even with all the teams , they’re still going too fast. But I hope you’re right and it works out for this new game.


I can’t see anything that’s going to be revolutionary. It’s still ac, you know? A few new mechanics here and there but we’ll see. Can’t wait to see it at E3.


Yeah… basically you got “Assassin’s Creed: Naval Adventures” with the “Black Flag” missions.
Then later you had to buy an episode called “Freedom Cry” and the last one called “Rogue”.

I can see it working. But like IOI they would have to build an “ultimate” Assassin’s Creed system. One that merges the best of all their games and understand that “This is the main system we will build upon for the next few years”.

There’s possibilities there. Instead of suits you get to pick different assassins with different controls. Imagine if you could choose between an Edward Kenway type, a Jacob Frye type, an Ezio Auditore type… .and that determined your “load out” and abilities and you could use them on different missions.

Challenges could also be tied to using a specific Assassin on a map.

It’s also occurred to me that AC: EMPIRE - if episodic - could be the start of a series of Abstergo “History Modules” where you buy AC “episodes” focused on different epochs in history.


Assassins Creed and Far Cry huh?
I was hoping for Splinter Cell announcement.
Not really looking forward to these games,but still curious how they’ll turn out.


I hope the story in Far Cry 5 is better than Far Cry 4, no matter who you sided with in Far Cry 4 the people in Kyrat would suffer :cry:.

You could choose between pest and cholera.


I actually liked that. There was no right answer. Sometimes there isn’t. I felt it was more grounded and less heroic. I liked it. I actually prefer Far Cry 4 over Far Cry 3, of course FC4 pretty much ripped off everything from FC3, but ignoring the fact that FC3 came first - I like the 4th one a lot more.


I liked the story in Far Cry 2, so i hope Far Cry 5 will have a similar story :smiley:.


Actually you could just wait 10 minutes at the beggining of the game and you would get the best ending of all.


episodic works for hitman because of the replayability of the levels. i can’t see this being applied to open world games


I think if AC:EMPIRE adopted this formula it would be about “smaller open worlds” wherein Egypt is just their version of “The Showstopper” (but probably with more missions and a mini-plot arc. Then later, if they had a Pirate-Themed sandbox it would just be an island settlement (like Havana) with another mini-plot arc and a new Assassin character (so by then you’d have 2 selectable Assassins). There’s these towers to sync with… then missions set in this map. Unlockables galore matching this era/style.

Then if you switch Maps you just get another sandbox in another place (Paris during French Revolution, a city in Spain during the Inquisition) - and you get towers to sync with and missions, unlockables. Each time you buy an “episode” it’s a new Era, New Map, New Assassin, New Mini-Story, New Unlockables.

It’s kind of like if you imagine going to Sapienza and in one “visit” you can do “World of Tomorrow” and “Landslide” and “The Icon” by going to different Mission Start markers on the map and activating it (which is the current style in AC).

Then from the Menu you jump into another Sandbox, say Marrakesh, and you can do “A House Built on Sand” and “A Gilded Cage”, etc. So it’s like a “mini-open world game collection”.

And yes, I am half-expecting that if they do this they will re-hash Pirate era Havana and the French Revolution. How else are they going to “greatly improve visibility for hitting targets”? It will happen because they will use everything that’s worked before and simply turn them into a massive library.

On one hand, it’ll be “the biggest Assassin’s Creed game ever conceived”. On the other it will also be “The biggest bang Ubisoft has gotten for its buck because rehashed assets here we come!” :stuck_out_tongue:

They might even try seamless multiplayer, kind of like what was promised in No Man’s Sky where if you are both in Havana and you accept an invite you can see each other in Havana and do coop stuff.

They might even allow you to break continuity such that you can choose any Assassin you’ve bought/unlocked and use them in any Map/Era you’ve unlocked. So you can have your Pirate Buccaneer running around Ancient Egypt. And if you say: “No! That’s illogical!” … So was IOI allowing us to roam around Hokkaido in a Santa suit, or visiting Marrakesh wearing a Yukata - something I’m sure an AC “Episodic” team would have pointed out in their pitch.

They will no doubt add: “IOI got into trouble because they had yet to make everything for future episodes! We don’t have that problem! We have Terrabytes upon Terrabytes of OLD Assassin’s Creed locations going all the way back to Jerusalem! We just update them!”

“After we’ve sold them Ancient Egypt we’ll make sure the next episode features Ezio Auditore and uses updated versions of AC2 locations! They will go ga-ga for Ezio and buy it all up! Then after that we feature Edward Kenway in the next episode and claim that this mini-story happened after Black Flag…”

They’ll say: “It’s an AC game with no limit to value but at really low cost!”

P.S.: The punchline is that one of those Cost Savings means all the guards and basic NPC’s speak American English! So they just do all guard and crowd voiceover work once and then reuse it forever!
Huehuehuehue… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d find it pretty funny, I honestly think Ubisoft is easily one of the worst publishers/developers in the industry.


I agree, stupid me bought Ghost Recon Wildlands today and it was garbage, played it for 2-3 hours and deleted it from my PS4 hard drive, it’s a mess, missions and side missions everywhere and enemies, i did a mission where i had to stop a transport, when i had stopped it, the purple cops thing showed up and on top of that som orange cartel guys also appeared, it was just chaos, what a way to destroy the Ghost Recon franchise, over 600 NOK (ca £60) right in the toilet.

Nah, i’m done with Ubisoft i’m in :rage: right now, just deleted it from my hard drive.


Chaos in multiplayer wasn’t fun? Isn’t Chaos what everybody wants to cause in GTA5 and WATCH_DOGS online?