Ubisoft teases "New Business and Recurring Release Model" for 2018


maybe you can get a refund


Nah, it’s my own fault, i wonder when i will learn to trust my gut :cry:.

I don’t play multiplayer and i thought ghost recon meant less chaos as possible, if not it would be better if this game was called Chaos Recon: Wildlands.


Maybe you should have been playing with these guys:


That’s more like it :smiley:, singleplayer isn’t anything like that.


Ubi shooters tend to reward people who think and work together.

I remember seeing one gameplay video of Rainbow Six: Siege where a Hostage Rescue started with the Defending team deciding to hole up in one room.

Then this drone from Attackers slithers into the place, and they panic and start shooting the drone - friendly fire takes down one of the defenders. Then suddenly there’s Thermite blasting a wall, one of the doors flies open, and the Defenders are taking fire from two places.

It was over in seconds. The Defenders were lol-ing at how awesome it was and how terrible they must have looked. :stuck_out_tongue:


These guys though kind of take it to a new level. You’d think they were actual black ops spooks:

That said, every Ubi game I’ve played was not designed to be played by chaos-loving wackos because they have very structured objective progress flow.

It’s just irritating to be trying to go through that progress flow and then some idiot just fires his weapon or tries to jump a car over the bad guys…

Also… ALWAYS go suppressed in Ubi shooters. :wink:


The only right answer was yo stay put in the beginning of the game. :wink:
In all seriousness I did like that bleak ending. That these characters who you thought were decent people at first slowly show their true colors and what they stand for. The atrocities they’re willing to commit. It kinda parallels the real world in some way.


And stupid me for pre ordering Watch Dogs 2 :weary: Apart from the map everything is trash. I’m on the other hand lucky as well because I was going to buy an Xbox One with Mafia 3 and this game. Glad I bought a PS4(no offense to Xb One owners :slight_smile:) with UC4, TLOU and MGS:V 3 amazing games :grin: and then I got Hitman Steelbook edition(my main purpose was to buy a platform to play Hitman but then they announced disk was coming out with Requiem pack so I had to wait some more months to play it :smile:)


Exactly why I liked it. Even though it was a total copy of fc3, if was still different.


Hahaha… Really? That reminds me of my time with DISHONORED. I was moping around the hideout then I read everyone’s diary. I end up hating everyone. But what takes the cake is the diary of that Admiral Havelock guy. He writes something like: “Corvo is too dangerous to be allowed to live once we have achieved our goals” or something to that effect.

I’m like: “Oh… is that so?”… I then start trying to kill the Loyalists, but seeing as I cannot betray them or destroy them. I decide: “I REFUSE to help you!”… and uninstall the game. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I do really hope their business model doesn’t involve delaying DLC and removing content just because they need 3 whole months to fix their game, begging the question, “What on Earth have they been doing for the past 3 months in between now and the previous DLC, and why do they need 3 whole months to fix a game that should be good enough as it is?” Oh, wait…