Upgrade Paths to GOTY Edition


I have xbox…so I must buy the upgrade goty package 20 euros???


Hi, I’m having an issue upgrading. I own every pack besides the summer bonus pack. This means I should download the Hitman GotY Upgrade (Intro Pack). However when I try to download this I’m told I cannot because I already own episodes 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. If I try downloading the regular GOTY Upgrade, I’m told I cannot download it because I am missing the summer bonus episode. If i try through the in-game store to buy just the summer bonus, im told this content has been removed from the Playstation store. Is this intentional? Am I just S.O.L.? I’d like to upgrade but I’m not going to buy the whole game over again just to get some bonus maps and escalations.


I’m having the same issue;

I purchased the first season pack. So i have 6 episodes and the bonus episode.
But it won’t let me upgrade to GOTY through PSN store, or in-game store. :frowning:

What i did notice; i had to redownload Hitman for this; and none of the 7 DLC;s are downloaded with it.
They all say they are not accesable… maybe thats part of the problem??

Any ideas?


Hi there, I hope there is someone that could help me with this issue and direct me through it please ! Here goes!
So back in 2016 I bought Hitman and the Season Pass digitally on PS4, A year later Changed my HDD and re-installed every game I own, coming to Hitman trying to Launch the Sapienza mission “World of Tomorrow” at the end of the loading screen it give me a crash with this code ( CE-34878-0 ).
Question is … do I need the GOTY edition even though I own the season pass or does it play a role in causing this problem of mine?
P.S. my account is UAE and also Bonus compaign “Patient Zero, requiem pack & GOTY outfit bundles” requiers purchasing and I own the bonus maps! PS_Messages_20180120_134023|690x388 if that helps in solving the problem