Voice acting and Language in [Hitman]


I wonder what language will they use when we reach the USA location, french?


I expect the USA location to be the most immersive since they got the language right. Would be fun if they’d turn all NPCs into Scotsmen and Englishmen though, just for the heck of it.


this has been a complaint since the leaked alpha


IOI… Are you even trying?
I want nothing more for this game to succed. But there are some basic flaws that they seem to refuse to adress, like DRM or the fact that NPCs only speak english in non english speaking locations.
I thought the strategy to sell the game was to “be able to react to feedback”. I’ve read this critics all over the internet. Why refuse to adress this?

I wonder what will they do when it comes to the Japan location? Will every japanese speak a perfect american english with no accent?
If they change it for the Japan location (different language or at least accents), why wouldnt they do it with every location?


I wonder why they only included English language. Even the other games had foreign languages.
I only heard a NPC speaking French in HITMAN (with an accent though). He just said “Bonsoir Monsieur.” I guess this is better than nothing…


I can only hope that by the time we’re in Japan there’s appropriate accents in place for all the levels. The game has only been out for a couple of weeks and clearly is not finished, I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt with this episodic release and see what they can do. To be honest, I won’t be surprised if they aren’t changed but I will be pretty disappointed regardless.


@Travis_IOI Would it be possible for IOI to go back later and add a patch that has updated voice acting with better localisation? Maybe at the end of season 1? I have no idea what any of those technical terms mean but it would be nice.


Of course its possible, but they wont do it.


NPCs speaking in their native languages is one of my top requests (after the really serious stuff).

I’d love the option to have everyone speaking in English, as they currently do, or have everyone speaking in their natural languages, with subtitles so that we can understand them.

It wouldn’t even take that much extra work from IO. I’m assuming that, in France, there’s a French version of the game, which already uses French voice actors. Just take those voices and put them into the English version of the game where appropriate.

And make Helmut Kruger sound German! Right now. Nnnn-now! :angry: lol


I’m French and the game use the original voices.We have French subtitles though.


Yeah, I’m guessing they recorded all the dialogue in English only. Really a shame. Could’ve just done it in French and it wouldn’t have cost any extra. I’d imagine the reason for choosing English, other than cost, is they wanted to be sure they could sell the stupid comedy aspect of random NPCs, who aren’t always subtitled, to the American audience. While it’s entertaining sometimes, I’d be more entertained by the immersion of hearing the language native to the area and reading subtitles for the vital information/clues.


Oh … well that’s disappointing.

In that case, IO need to make much more of an effort and add other languages They made a big deal about creating an international “world of assassination” … but what’s a big, wide “world” without different kinds of people in it?

My request remains the same. lol


no way, it’s American english language everywhere. One of the more disappointing things about the game. The game has been totally dumbed down since Blood Money


Will this be the same at the Japan location?
Oriental people talking perfect american english?
Why? Such a stupid decision.


Let’s imagine an unfortunate situation where the season ends and all the levels end up being majorly American English. In a worst-case scenario where the reason keeping IO from having native voices is because of budget, I still think they could release some sort of voice-pack, which other games have done successfully. I would definitely purchase a native-language voice pack for all the levels…but at this point I still think it should be included as part of the game anyway, and I hope they even go back and fix Paris.


(I’m continuing discussion here to avoid derailment in original thread.)

They could be in Timbuktu for all I care. Simply because the game tells you it’s Paris need not mean it actually feels like it.

Visually it’s spot on, but as I’ve already explained above; this is a living and breathing world populated by hundreds of characters who almost exclusively speak with a forgettable American accent.


So you think showstopper is in Timbuktu or any other place but France? Because they speak in american english?.. i cant debate on that, sorry. My brain has exploded :scream:

You win.


I have too agree with Watson. Beside the French flag and the surroundings there are hardly no hints that this mission is set in France.

To see what an unbaised persons first impression looks like I asked my my girlfriend to play the mission (she doesn’t play videogames normally). She started inside the building and had to figure out in which country the mission is located and wasn’t allowed to go outside. Her first guess was United Kingdom (London), because of fashion label, building and language. Her second guess was mid Europe (something like Austria/Germany, because of the building and Kruger). The third one was finally France (but only because Paris is another famous fashion capital).
She noticed something I didn’t realize after hours and hours of gaming:

There is a Russian oligarch who owns a fashion label with an English name. The presented collection was desined by a Japanese designer, while the star of the show is a male model called Helmut Kruger (Helmut is a German/Austrian forename). In addition to this, the auction is hosted by an Israeli supermodel with prominent guests from Arabia (sheikh) and China (Tren Po).
She also didn’t understand why Novikov gets welcomed by an American congressman and not by a member of the French government. Good question.

One could have the impression, that they deliberatley avoided anything related to France inside the builing. Only the scribbling on the cardboard inside Dalias office is a small hint. Does anyone remember an unique, French NPC?

Edit: To be fair, the building and its location are mentioned by the female blogger in her telephone call.


Valerie St. Clair might be French, but I’m not sure. Tren Po, however, is a monarch and soon-to-be ruler. So he can’t be Chinese.

47 is infiltrating an international fashion show. It makes sense that there are people from all over the world. If everybody was French it wouldn’t really be international. Viktor Novikov owning an English label isn’t that odd, either. In RL Chelsea is owned by Roman Abramovich, a Russian Oligarch.


I’m not complaining about the international audience, its fine as it is. But the absence of French culture and people is absurdly obvious. Its called “haute couture” for a reason.