Voice acting and Language in [Hitman]


I see I’ve confused you with my hyperbole. No, of course not. However, the lack of accents damages immersion, making the location less convincing.

It’s a beautifully designed level that screams Paris when you look at it, but there’s a dent in it’s atmosphere caused by the voice acting which adds nothing of value.


I smell BS!!! …


I wouldn’t call it dumbed down, I think there are a lot of gameplay and design improvements that beat out Blood Money. It just needs to be tightened up is all.


Key word there is “visual” – as I’m pretty confident French players would contest the lack of French speakers in Paris.


You must have seen some pretty shitty comedians then lol. I have heard many an NPC conversation that wasn’t remotely comical i.e. complaining about the job, txting a girl, talking about a film or something etc


The point is they speak like a bunch of clowns who aren’t necessarily funny.


visually it could have been a number of places. A french flag on top of the building, I guess, makes it look “authentic”. They could have put a US flag on top and called it New York.


Yes IOI please bring back linguistic diversity! I always enjoyed translating the Russian and Italian in past Hitman titles, no matter how goofy it was. Hitman games of late seem like they hold your hand too much and dumb everything down to cater to the lowest common denominator. I like having to investigate and actually think about plot points in the environment rather than having them fed to me, but that’s just my opinion.


Did they specifically show this to the “French guys” whose homes are in palaces? We hardly get to see any of Paris!


Bring back the translation!


I agree, it’s shame they spent so much effort in making the world realistic visually, but listening to American English in Paris & Italy just kind of breaks the immersion that the developers try to achieve.

Hope they give us an option to change to local language in the future.


Looks like they are still using the same voice actors, according to reviews.


“Shame, shame, shame [Dingly-ding-ding]”


Nothing suprising honestly,we can only hope that season 2 will be better in that regard


Dunno if it was mentioned yet but it’s because of opportunities.

If you came across two people speaking fuckin’ Indonesian, you wouldn’t really be able to figure out that “The cook is fucking the bosses wife” or whatever. (Unless you speak Indonesian) you get me?


That has nothing to do with them speaking with proper accents and using more than 5 actors.


They actually got 1 new one. The receptionist. :smirk:


Plus that means nothing. They could use subtitles…


They could at least have the English speakers speak with accents from where the setting is.


No, because you can hire more than 5 voice actors who speak english with or without the native accent.