Voice acting and Language in [Hitman]


In my opinion it was much better in previous games where they wouldn’t speak english, except for Codename 47, of course. I’d much rather NPCs speak in the language they should according to their location. I sincerely don’t care for listening to conversations at all.


Well many people do enjoy listening to conversations and piecing together the story.


This is pretty much how I feel. I don’t care to have them speak in the appropriate language or accent, I’d just like them to have more appropriate dialogue.

One of my biggest issues with this game is that IT FAILS AT SUBTLETY! Try listening to the conversation in The Icon that reveals the monster teeth opportunity - it’s so ‘in-your-face’ I almost vomited. This goes for a lot of the opportunity revealing dialogue too, it’s not subtle enough, and it feels like everyone knows there’s an assassin there and they’re trying to give him hints and tips.


I know I know. But what if they were subtitled? It would be so much better in my opinion


The problem with that is - what if there are multiple conversations at once? Which one will the subtitles come up for?


The most important? The one tied to opportunities


But what about the story beats and character relationships in the level? I’d feel a ton of those would be missed if it were solely in native languages and subtitles were only for opportunties. We’d miss stuff like Valerie St Clair conspiring against Novikov, or Dahlia discussing bumping her off, or making small talk with the Shiekh, or even the little sub-story about Dahlia’s spy assistant? We’d mis an absolute ton.

You claim not to care about this stuff, but as a fan of Hitman’s lore and someone who pays attention to detail I would really miss this.


There are no two conversations taking place at the same time that’ll leave you confused. They’re triggered and the relevant subtitles to the closest NPCs would appear. That’s ignoring the option of accents, which would enable conversations to play out exactly as they are now, albeit with actual localisation and improved authenticity. Ideally, you’d implement a blend of accents and local language – instead of the apparently five Americans and one British woman they’ve got now.

Too often this gets turned into ‘either-or’ situation, when it’s not. You can definitely preserve the utility of conversations while making them sound right. To be honest, we’d see a world of difference if they got rid of the God-awful cheesiness. That would be a start.


The dialogues should be in English, so that people can understand what the NPCs are talking about. But maybe the generic lines when they’re investigating a sound or trying to arrest you could be in the local language?


They can still be accented English.


People are underestimating how important body language and tone of voice can be in communication. If a guard puts his hand up and raises his voice at you when you walk toward him, it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t want you going any further whether he’s speaking English or not. And a number of actions such as frisking / certain opportunities take control away from you or lock the camera, meaning they are the perfect moment to use foreign language dialogue with subtitles.

Of course, just re-recording the lines for different locations with an English-speaker who’s actually from Paris / Italy / Marrakesh / Thailand / Japan would do wonders for the game. Either of these things would add a lot of much needed flavour to the maps and stop them feeling quite so fake. What we have now are great sandboxes, but they don’t really sell the location they’re supposed to be with this element missing.


Your reply might sting…if you actually knew what the hell you were talking about…intelligibly (so, fail on two points).


I wonder why am I seeing this just now. I agree with this totally.


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Just gonna leave this here:

They nailed the accents in Hitman 2 SA. Hitman 2016 doesn’t even have this.

And this:





Sorry man I can’t agree. Some of them are cringe worthy and SA2 is my favorite. The voices are bad.


Sure, even past games the voicing was pretty dull and at times, very cringeworthy (as with all the games, tbh) but you can’t deny that the accents in this current Hitman are far more worse and laughable :smile:

Tbh, the dialogue started to feel very ‘immature’ since Absolution, than compared to how all the ones prior have felt (IMO)


The difference between the game back then to now is that then, you only heard voices when you spoke with someone or when you were listening on something that has a cutscene or something.

Now the game is more about eavesdropping and learning things on your own. Almost everyone talks and you have to sort out which conversations are important or which are not important. I can bet that that there is more dialogue in this hitman than there is in the first 4 games combined.

So considering how much dialogue there is in the game, I can see why they decided to go this route.

I believe torben said this back when Colorado was being first previewed on a stage with him and Travis.
At least every most unique npc, ET and story Target have different voices and to me, that’s all that matters.


Novikov and Abiatti had the same voice actor, as did Sean Rose and Ken Morgan. And if you dropped a coin, they’d always revert to this uncharacteristic American accent all of a sudden.